German Car Insurance/ Winter tyres

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Great_Escape, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. Hello,
    Shortly due for posting to Germany, can anyone tell me a good car insurance company to go with (That speaks English). Also are winter tyres a must to get car BFG now? Cheers
  2. Winter tyres were not a must when i left early this year, although you might want to consider them if your posted to the colder north. If your going somewhere like Elmpt or JHQ, the climate is no different to UK.

    I went with AXA for insurance, which proved to be the cheapest quote. Have a chat with people when you arriva and shop around the normal firms to get the best deal. One thing i did find was that NAAFI were the most expensive of them all, but will insure just about anyone on anything.

  3. Cheers mate, i tried NAAFI and they wanted 2 1/2 times what iam paying now. Like u said i will probably have to ask when iam there. Thought Germany was land of LOA and luxury, but everone wants more money for everything, (Headlights, tyres, insurace, breackdown cover) so i will probably just come out even. OK iam starting to sound like a victor meldrew, Cheers for help mate
  4. O'Girkes always been the cheapest by far (for me). NAAFI are the enemy.
  5. use any independent broker as most of them will use axa (germany) which is different to axa uk or other alternative if one of the many companies in 6th sense a few of uk ones will also cover you in uk so no need for new policy to register car if going back to uk og and naafi are used by most because they are in camp and easy to access but tend to charge higher premiums mine was almost twice as much at og than it is with a independant broker even tough cover is with same company (axa)
    pm me if want any numbers
  6. Great Escape, see my post on your winter tyres thread on the REME Forum - in short, winter tyres are a good move, and stick with UK Insurance (TF Insurance pretty good rates).
  7. We are currently working to improve the pricing of our Car Insurance in Germany without reducing the cover, and hope to announce lower premiums in the near future.

    When you are looking for a new policy, of course the cost of your insurance is important – nobody wants to pay more than they have to! But it is very important to find out exactly what you get for your money. There are a number of issues to consider when looking at European cover:

    *Always look at the excesses in your policy – if you do need to claim, you won’t want to have to pay out large sums for repairs.

    *Check whether the policy will cover you fully across Europe – very often the cover will vary between countries, which could mean that the company won’t pay out in certain circumstances.

    *If you arrange a policy with a Germany-based company, they will require you to have a German bank account. This may not be convenient when you have just arrived and need to insure your vehicle quickly.

    *Some German companies will charge you for the covernote that you need when returning to the UK to register your vehicle.

    Consider some of the advantages that a specialist company such as NAAFI Financial can offer:

    *Manageable excesses

    *Pan European cover – we will keep the same level of cover throughout Europe.

    *NEW! When you return to the UK we can arrange your cover hassle-free, finding the cheapest quote for you from our panel of insurers, and providing your covernote free of charge.

    *Premiums collected from your UK bank account, so you don’t need to set up a separate account abroad. Alternatively, pay by credit / debit card or cheque.

    *NEW! Lower premiums if you have full No Claims Discount, and the ability to protect this for the future.

    *Third-party liability cover including Vermogensschaden (contingent losses).

    *If your new tax-free vehicle (less than 1 year) is stolen, or is involved in an accident and suffers damage of at least 60% of its value, we will provide you with a brand new replacement vehicle.

    Find out more on 00800 11 22 33 01 free from the UK and Germany, or +44 (0) 1622 608 991 from the rest of the world.

    NAAFI Financial is a trading style of Close Brothers Military Services Limited in the UK and NAAFI in Germany and Cyprus. Both companies are appointed representatives for general insurance only, of Close Brothers Limited. Close Brothers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Close Brothers Military Services Limited is registered in England No. 3302028. Registered office: Britannia Suite, Old Sarum Park, Salisbury, SP4 6ES. 1227.5
  8. Went though Forces Direct, which was 430 quid against NAAFIs 680. Foun when they sent the documents that it's a Groupama policy arranged in UK by TF Insurances. Next year I'll try TF myslef and save on the commission, or see if O'Girke's/Axa is any better.
  9. Mr NAAFI. I am currently paying £271 for insurance. You have quoted me £701.
    Still want to justify your services?. Ever wonder why people dont go with you?
  10. Try this 7 years with NAAFI in Germany.

    Informed them of my return to UK - quote was with 15 years no Claims = £500.00

    When I returned to UK rang a few companies:

    Low and behold new Quote with that Red Telephone - with EXACTLY + Better cover ................... £225.75


    Which one did I go for
  11. Honda Accord Diesel Sport? NAAFI you wanted over £1000 off me! That was with my 17 years no claims, my mobiliser/alarm discount and my reduced milage discount!

    Culpect(Axa) wanted about £500 and now back in the UK I am paying about £300!

    You really do take advantage of your position in Germany.

  12. Here here.

    Would be very interested NAAFI to here an answer to this, and as to why your quotes are nearly always higher than other BFG companies.

    Yours in waiting......
  13. The same applies in NI. NAAFI FS quoted me £1900 for my car, against £360 on mainland (Admiral) and £660 from Endsleigh, who now have my business. My spy at NU tells me that they always quote high for the car I drive (Fiat Coupe 20VT), but was amazed at the price.

    I suspect that Norwich Union doen't really want the business, so quotes high. The sooner NAAFI FS get a panel of insurers the better.
  14. Agree with Viro, my 5 year old Peugeot 306 Diesel was quoted in NI by NAAFI at £1200!! and that was for living in camp, but the lady said "With the Central London allowance you can claim this comes down to only £900. How would you like to pay?". I decided that the local company that quoted me £390 (Which was cheaper than my GB address) would get my business.

    I think the main reason people go with NAAFI for their insurance is because of the hassle factor. In Germany most soldiers don't speak German and are put off with going to a German company because of this and go for the easier more expensive option of their local NAAFI. Here in NI soldiers are probably a bit paranoid with going local because "My English accent might give me away" bollox.

    Just my thoughts
  15. Is this because NAAFI is intertwined with Close Brothers that it can afford to charge silly prices?

    Still waiting for an answer NAAFI please.