GERMAN car insurance question

I have been told by my car insurance provider (OGs) that under German law, a policy cannot be cancelled prematurely. I have exported the car (out of BFG) but O'Gs say they cannot cancel the insurance without a certified bill of sale, or new insurance document. As the car was on a cargo ship (and not able to be covered by their insurance) they reckon I owe them money.

I told them 10 days before the payment was due that the policy had to be cancelled. (by fax).

I now have a snotty letter and bank charges from a German bank for a bounced payment. Can they insist that I stioll owe for a car insuarnce policy even though it was out of germany prior to the period in Question.

Is it true (as the person on the phone said) that german law says you must provide a bill of sale or alternative document before a policy (and driect debit) can be cancelled.

In short words: Yes

Though I can only speak for a car sale within Germany the one who sales a car is still responsible to pay tax and insurance for it until the new owner is registered at the bureau for licensing of motor vehicles (Zulassungsstelle) where he has to show a new insurance document.
Otherwise you are still the one who has to pay even if an accident happens with the car.

As far as I know this may also be the case if the car is sold to another country so the safest way would have been to report the car as off duty and de-registering it.


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