German Bundeswehr instructor gets the elbow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bugsy, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. After all the stupid hoohaa about what happened to recruits in the Bundeswehr, the German Defence Ministry has taken steps and given the "offending" instructor the elbow:

    Here's a quick translation for those whose German's a bit rusty:

    Soldier sacked after transgression during Bundeswehr training

    The Bundeswehr has acted as a consequence of the affair concerning racist incidents in recruit training. The instructor in question will be sacked immediately. The German Defence Ministry announced that the regular soldier would lose not only his rank but also his military salary. The investigation of a second soldier is ongoing.

    The instructor had advised a recruit in his charge to think of Afro-Americans and the Bronx in New York and to scream a sexist swearword during shooting training. The German Defence Ministry spoke of absolutely unacceptable behaviour.

    There was also a critical reaction from New York. The mayor of the Bronx described the incident as barbaric. The soldiers knew nothing about Afro-Americans or the Bronx. He therefore extended an invitation to representatives of the Bundeswehr.

    Last updated: 17 April 2007 | 11:15
    Source: MDR INFO

    I don't necessarily agree that it was the right training method for the instructor to use, but the punishment seems a bit harsh considering the lack of understanding of the culture question on his part.

    It also strikes me as ironic that Septics are calling for more understanding of the factors involved, yet in general they steadfastly refuse to make even an attempt to understand other cultures.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If only he'd said think of 'Bush' and scream 'cnut' when you are firing down the range!

    That would have been a difficult job for anyone to use as an excuse for sacking the chap.
  3. Call me old-fashioned but I think the Boxheads are, for some reason, a tad sensitive when it comes to racist behaviour...
  4. Whereas Brits, Septics, Aussies etc will "'ave a bittova larf" and paint swastikas on their foreheads while goose-stepping around with their right arms raised and think nothing further of it.

    That's just the type of cultural misunderstanding I'm talking about, B_B.

  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed. Prince Harry was fine at the time, but to listen to the boxheads afterwards, you'd think he'd invaded the party.

    As for the boxheads, they can keep all that evangelising about the evils of smoking, just because they've given up!

  6. Maybe thats because Brits, Septics, Aussies etc didn't gas any Jews.

    No, its your ignorance/cultural naivety.
  7. I always think of Government ministers when I'm firing, they may be sh*t politicians but they would make first rate Figure 11's.

    Twas a bit harsh to sack the instructor concerned, surely an apology is enough? seems to work for Swiss Des.
  8. Except one.

    And after the investigation possibly two.
  9. I bet the nearby Polish community are loving that one...
  10. The German Govt is basically SPD and looks for anything to attack the was the same with Struck removing Moelders name from a Luftwaffe Squadron, or the way they jump on anything the BW does.

    The SPD took Germany hostage postwar by seeing the Third Reich is anything to do with the military which is why SPDers tend to do conscientious objector jobs in hospitals and Zivildienst.

    It is political to keep the symbols of the nation - flag, uniform, soldiering - screwed down so the PC Left can pose as saviours of the world from the perils of militarism. Sort of New Labour on steroids.....with Patricia Hewitt or Margaret Hodge as Defence Secretary
  11. :twisted: Good job he wasnt doing NBC training,who knows what may have been said :twisted:
  12. Actually, Herr Jung is a member of the CDU. And the CDU ruled Germany until the 1960s- they were also completely dominant in the eighties and are the only party to have ruled the Bundesrepublik without a coalition.

    The last report I heard gave the chaps rank as "Fahnenjunker" or officer cadet, so that may have had something to do with the punishment. Plus the fact that the Bw are DESPARATE to do more interesting work and so any suggestion that they are a little, erm, oldfashioned is very taboo. What price a Bw lead in Sudan?
  13. Quote of the week!!!!
  14. In zer you schwein - no mask vor ze pigdog rekruts ja?!
  15. Vich recruit can hold his breath ze longest?

    Ok.... you go in ze gas chamber first...

    Vot do you mean you vant a respirator? Is ze orchestra not enough you ungrateful schweinhund?