German BMHs

Visited Wegberg today, it is a mere shadow of it's former self. Then the thought crossed my mind, how cool would it have been to live/work there when it was teeming with nurses. Does anyone have any stories about any of the good old BMH's in Germany (dirtier the better :twisted: ).
was admitted in 89 and didnt want to leave but alas had to...knocked a few out tho during my stay.................
Had many a visit to BMH Hannover but they were day visits, if you know what I mean, was such a frequent visitor that the OC at the time mentioned me in the Exercise brief and a story about self inflicted wounds and the next man to do this would be per the norm, all mouth and no trousers...think he was jealous tho
And finally, admitted to Bmh Rinteln in 83/84 with the muzzle end of an SLR in my eye, worse thing was tho it was endex when it happend, I was gutted I was.......sorry none of my tales are dirty..but the story behind my visits to Bmh Hannover certainly were..........for another time maybe
Just got a copy of my medical records and found out that I'd been struck off the Clap Clinic at BMH Munster for failing to attend 3 consecutive appointments. Pointless as I didn't have the clap just a marked degree of raw soreness from a night of passion with a trollope in Med Hat (see earlier tale), however, word must get around cos I certainly didn't score at Munster...............unlike QEMH that was fun! 'Twas good having a mate in the medics who'd married a QA who occasionally had a friend short of a date!
But talking of nurses I was lumbered with a coach load of QA's for two week's when I was their driver on a jolly to Denmark.
Ooohhhh yes... BMH Iserlohn: isolated posting, so the girls got lonely. A friend set his chest on fire to draw their attention - not necessary, but it worked...

Ahh - happy memories... :D

Nurses - love 'em all. Another friend burst his ballsack in a motorbike accident. The lass who was caring for him helped 'road-test' the equipment once it was ready. What a good girl!
SlimeyToad said:
Just got a copy of my medical records and found out that I'd been struck off the Clap Clinic at BMH Munster for failing to attend 3 consecutive appointments. Pointless as I didn't have the clap........
Rubbish Ive seen your notes, totally riddled.
moosehunter said:
Does anyone else have fantasies about the nursing profession?

I think I was corrupted in DKMH Catterick many years ago when the matron was nicknamed 'icicle t*ts'....

I took this as a bit of a challenge and got the symathies of the other nurses...bed baths....the whole works!

Now I have an immediate reaction to starched white cloth and usually need someone to clean up the mess I make.

Am I a lone deviant or do others feel the same way.

Any Nurse who wishes to help me with my recovery from this ailment feel free to PM....
Moosehunter! have you seen our uniforms as of late? Starched white tunic, (not dress anymore) and navy trousers. We're told it's more practical, plus stops the pervs putting their hands up your dress.
I was in BMH MUNSTER late 80's.

I had bloody chicken pox of all things and was stuck in isolation on a ward.

I was woken up to a nurse and another at it. Off duty I expect after a night on the pi55 in the NAFFI. Could not bloody see what was going on but could hear it.

Good job I had been left a stash of porn in the bottom of my locker.

Dont know who it was getting it but but bored housewife from Surrey was bloody fantastic
Damn right you'ed have to be a perv to put your hand up.At least in the sixties 'Shot,that is.Copped a nice load of dripping Para up to your elbow.
Was admitted to RAF Wegberg in 1994 for an operation. There was a lad from the RE who had hurt himself falling out of a window in the transit block at RAF Bruggen. He met an RAF Nurse and ended up boning her for quite sometime the jammy barsteward. I didnt get anywhere sadly as, being a soldier stationed at an RAF base (Bruggen) I thought it rude not to sample the local delicacies and ended up seeing an RAF tottie. Certainly made a refreshing change from WRAC lumpy jumper lesbians.

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