German Binoculars

I recently game into possession of these.

They are old, battered but work. Given that usually someone on ARRSE can be relied upon to know something about everything, I ask my fellow Arrsers if they can help identify them....specifically the era and possible uses.


From what I can make out, they're WW1 German Army issue. They're made by a german company that specialised in cameras and lenses. You can pin point them down to WW1 cos they branched out to bino's specifically for the war then got bought out by Zeiss in or around 1928
I have a pair made by the same firm. They were given to my grandmother by the Sandemann family. Thyey were a jewish family who escaped from Austria in 1938 left their possessions with my grandmother when they were interned.

I think some prictres of Rommel show him with a similar pair.
Cracking stuff! Cant help, sorry, but I bought a pair of Soviet WW2 tank commanders binos in Poland just after the wall came down. Very similar design and in working order too.

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