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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by toonman, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. i have set up my main bank as german and does anyone know if pay goes into the german accounts before xmas
  2. hahahahahahahahha a very merry christmas from your local sparkasse ... deises shalte ist jetz geschlossen.
  3. You have to split your pay in to english and your germen account . When did you change your details?
  4. I did split my pay and it was done at the very start of the month the split is shown on my statement just no date
  5. I am with commerz bank normaly goes in on the 23rd. Think sparkze get paid few days alfter.
  6. If your allotment was set up at the start of the month then Decembers wage "should" (all being well) be paid in to the German account at the end of the Month.

    Generally I wouldn´t bank (see what I did there :D ) on your wages being in the bank before 30th Dec. So in answer to your original question, I wouldn´t expect your wages to arrive in your German bank acount prior to Weihnaht. Sorry.

    Although you may have a happy outcome, it seems pay arrives early in German accounts.

    Poet, you don´t HAVE to split your pay. You could have your wage going in to a German account (or anywhere else for that matter). You generally DO have to open an account in the country you are serving in. Certainly in Germany I was told it was so you could pay any parking or speeding fines direct from the account.
  7. Thats intresting was told by my pay people was impossible to do :evil:
  8. I know one lad who has ALL of his money going to a German account. Final tour, so 3 to 4 years left in Germany, he is settled in a house in Germany, why send money to UK? His parents also live in Germany.

    Know of others who have also settled in to Germany similary.

    I also know of a lad who get´s his pay split between Holland and Germany.

    Or that´s what they tell me. I haven´t checked their statements or anything, but I would have thought they would be chuntering if they were forced in to having an account for no real reason.

    I might be wrong, as I don´t have chapter and verse on the matter, but.
  9. You are right mate you can have your money either to UK or German banks, my mate has a euro account in Holland when he was at SHAPE, but he has to close it due to the fact that he no longer works/lives there (even though its a euro account and get paid at the same FFR)

    Anyway you can split money by % amount ie 50/50 or by figured amount
  10. Your mate, probably has to shut it because of Dutch rules on the matter rather than Army ones. He is no longer a resident.

    My mate, has a Dutch wife still living there, who is joint on the account. Might make things different.

    If you are unsure, check the relevant JSP (375 IIRC), or ask Paywog on this site.

    If it is any help I was told that your primary account couldn´t be a German one, apparently the system wouldn´t take it. Strange that a different Clk has put this in place for me, on the system....