German Army Para Boots

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by King-walt, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys, got loads of pairs of grade 1 german army para boots in go in all sizes

    £20, fiver if you'd like them posted.

    Can accept payment via cash on collection, or provide you a nochex link and you can PM me your posting address

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  2. Have they got a gortex lining mate ?
  3. Those are decent boots, I got two pairs of those out of my stint as a draftee, still have em, great for work and nice and durable. Love em. Lining is leather as far as I can tell. Dunno what's Fallschirmjäger about them though, everyone got those. I wonder how many hundred thousand pairs they made of those, 100k draftees a year at two pairs each... wow. Good boots.
  4. Currently issued to us in the Dutch army as well. Very nice boots indeed! I didn't even had to break them in,they're thát comfortable.
    The best things about them is the flexible heel and the sole (softer than I was used to) is very comfy in wintertime on hard surface and gives good shock absorbtion.
  5. Any size neunundvierzig? ^_~

    (14 in English)
  6. Size 49 ???? Bloody hell !! Do you want a pair of paddles with them? You should pay roadtax with a size like that. ;-P
  7. Ha ha! Cloggie.....You beat me to it!
  8. For shure my shmall clogged friend....... I need some because theesh wooden shoes I'm currently wearing are giving me shplinters. ^_~
  9. You are the Yeti and I claim my fiver !

    And shtop walting it up ash a crayshee shexy Dutshman! :)
  10. Well is anyone selling a decent pair of size 9's then ?

    I would like a pair !
  11. Would you go for the German Para Boot as a field boot or the German Army Mountain Boot ????????

    How do they compare to each other please ?

    I just need them for a general field boot.
  12. I can answer that one, alot of people love the German Army Kampfstiefel boot and it seems to have alot of useful features which I bulletpoint on ebay:


    Speed Lace Hooks
    Supple outer and soft inner leather
    Hi-grip sole
    Heavy padded tongue
    Highly water resistant uppers
    Soft leather lining throughout
    Oil resistant non slip hard wearing sole

    Unfortunately not selling at 20 quid anymore as have cleared alot of my stock out anyway.

    I'm now selling £30 as standard but i do have a higher attention to detail especially with regards to the soles (had a few returns but the soles were worn to f**k) so upped the standards, do have a couple of 9.5s and all sizes above 10 in BRAND NEW kampfstiefel.
  13. Interested in a new pair.
    Either an 11 or a 12 depending upon how generous they are.
    What's your ebay username please?

  14. armyessentials10