German Army Mountain Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by seamaster, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody have any experience of the German Army issue mountain boots. I know that they are made by Lowa or Meindl.

    Are they as good as Lowas? How do they compare to CABs? I am in the infantry.

  2. They are very much more comfortable than CABs cos of the padding. which is exellent for running.
    cos generaly speaking CABs are only good for shining up and parading as they are pretty shit

    if ur looking to get some here a good place:
  3. Thanks for the input. What I was looking for was how the German army boots compare to the actual Lowa boots. I know that Lowas are hoofing, but don't know anyone with the German army boots
  4. Hi seamaster,

    welcome to ARRSE.
    I work for the German Army and if you want I will do a quick survey with my students for you. They are all pretty clued up NCOs and have a good few years experience with the equipment.
    There is a new boot that is being issued at the moment and I have not heard any negative comments so far. They are made by a company called HAIX. (have a ganders on the internet). They come with two types of sole
    a) The older version with a pretty rough profile on the sole - not good in winter conditions cause the sole gets clogged and iced up pretty quick.
    b) A newer finer sole profile which I have been told is better.
  5. I worked with NATO 02-04 and worked in a section with 3-4 Germans. I asked them to swipe us a set of their boots but they slagged them off and said they all bought Haix. I invested in a pair and have found them to be an awesome boot. I've always suffered with dodgy shins but since getting these boots I’ve had absolutely no dramas with them.
  6. i had a pair i picked up from a surplus warehouse in Bournemouth....and they are exactly the same as lowas except for the name. I had to rummage through a pallet load of boots to find a decent pair. All the boots were very similar except the name stamped on them...some were lowas, some were haix and some were meindel? Various companies make the boots but to the same pattern required by the bundeswehr. Your best bet is to get in touch with someone in Germany who can get a surplus pair for you....dirt cheap...or try ebay 8)
  7. Thanks for the advice. I've stumped up £55 for a pair off the bay this morning. I will let people know my opinions when I get them. If they're crap, I've lost 55 notes, if they're good, I've saved 100!

  8. i got a pair of these, really good boots but i found that the soles wear down really quick, the rubber is really soft. but other than that they are like wearing slippers :judge:
  9. Guys,
    are both the BW issue boots,and the mountain boots good,or just the mountain boots?
  10. just bought a brand new pair of BW mountain boots for 70 euros,they are very comfy,see if I get away with wearing them in camp :D