German Army Issue boots


Wondered if anyone can help?

A couple of years ago I brought a used pair of want I can only describe as German Army "Lowa Style" boots.

I have owned probably every type of boot known to man (including 2 pairs of actuall branded Lowsa) and these ones I've found were the best.

They were starting to get a little minging and have now found a place that sells them new in box for $£65....

Can anyone tell me the history of these? i.e. are they made in the same factory etc? They are identical apart from a different style sole. The build quality is the same and they are made in Germany.

try cfi military supplies on ebay - seller is ex military and sells bw bergschuh (AKA German lightweight mountain boots) for £60-80 plus postage. Make sure you buy the latest issue boots as they have all the improvements, not the current issue ones which I did...(doh)
Yep seen him...

similar boots, but wasn't sure if his were new in box?

Just wanted to check if anyone had any more info... I believe these are made by on of the main producers!!!

So cheap lowas!!!!

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