German Anti-Pirate Forces Hampered by Bureaucrats (GSG9/KSK)

A scathing attack on German bureaucratic tangles preventing fine units to do what they are trained for.

Are German Anti-Pirate Forces Hampered by Bureaucrats?


A review of the political complexities behind a recent aborted anti-pirate operation off the coast of Africa has revealed that German security agencies tend to fight each other sooner than the enemy. Politicians in Berlin are trying to draw lessons from the failed mission.

The return of the would-be heroes from Harardhere took place almost as quietly as their departure three weeks earlier. After landing at Cologne-Bonn last Tuesday evening, the chartered flight from Mombasa was directed to a military section of the airport, where nondescript-looking busses awaited the 200 members of Germany's GSG-9 elite federal police unit.

There was no champagne, no buffet, no cameras, no press. It wasn't the reception that GSG-9 chief Olaf Lindner, or August Hanning, a junior secretary at the Interior Ministry, had in mind. Hanning had made a special trip to Cologne to greet the frustrated elite troops. He had trouble hiding his disappointment.

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