German account and the current FFR

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheWarden, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. For the last 2 months since the FFR went to 1.17, Ive noticed a drop of about €150 in pay per month (Dec & Jan). The LOA has been put up to balance the falling £ and of course then there is the reduction in LOA perse. This still does not answer the fact that I still have lost out by the said amount before and since the LOA cut. Is LOA not to balance out pay to ensure that the same amount is generally received each month dependant on the FFR?

    I have my pay go into a German bank account which I know is my own choice. However I should not loose pay in the process considering that prices have not dropped over here. It becomes heavy when a bread roll over here costs about UK 43p.

    Can anyone shed light on this matter or has anyone else come accross this problem?
  2. Hey, you jumped on the gravy train mate. Sometimes it runs, sometimes it breaks down. That's life.
  3. When you were getting a pretty good exchange rate and living the dream on an extra few quid, did you complain that it was far too much and pay some of it back?

    thought not
  4. I have heard a RUMOUR that the FFR will go to 1.06 ????
  5. 43p for a bread roll for fcuck sake, stop shopping in the Naafi. Aldi Germany do a loaf of bread for 45 cents. Looking at the rest of the prices on the Aldi Germany site, its still much cheaper than Aldi over here and thats where a load of us have to shop cos we are too pikey for tescos. Dont know if you realise but there is a recession on and everyone is feeling the pinch. You get cheap booze, ciggies, cars and fuel and have the opportunity for loads of holidays and travel throughout Europe. Stop fcucking whinging and get on with it.
  6. Pay for December should have been roughly in balance with November. As you say, FFR went down so LOA went up to balance. I don't know the precise details but how close to an exact balance you stay depends on the proportions of pay that you bring to Germany and leave in UK. The less you bring to Germany the more likely you are to "lose" money. Looking quickly at my own "Germany pay packet" I got more in Dec than Nov, this month's went into the bank today and has dropped back to the Nov rate or thereabouts.
  7. FFR is down. unlucky.

    re 43p a roll, where on earth are you shopping. Walk OFF camp and go to a German supermarket.

    You´ll find cheap beer there too.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    85 cents for a loaf in the German shop, 1.95 for the same loaf in the NAAFI! Shop German it's the way ahead.
  9. Why is it that whenever anybody posts a subject about money, ffr, loa, exchange rates, cola or prices in Germany it always turns into a Naafi slanging match?

    By the way I know the answer to my question.
  10. What about the poor buggers who are still getting paid into their British accounts?

    It's not as if they have an advantage. You are still getting a better exchange rate than anyone outside the forces, so stop bitching and man up.

    BTW, I get paid in Euro's it's fcuking great!!!
  11. You are all wrong! Get your wife out to work and spend all her money, whilst your money remains in the UK soaking up all that lovely LOA. :D :D
  12. It is shocking, however lets not loose sight of why we get LOA, its about the differences in the cost of living between the UK and where you are, not so that you get the same amount of money in your account each month.

    I'm quids in, my Army pension goes into my UK bank account and stays there, my pay in the fatherland is a set rate of euros per month regardless of the exchange rate, so while its nearly 1 for 1 I'm almost challenging David Beckham for who makes the most each month, but its swings and round-a-bouts, a couple of months ago my pay if I converted it into pounds was a third less than it is now.
  13. Filbert - you are almost righti in your first paragraph! LOA is indeed there to maintain a standard of living comparable to that we would enjoy in the UK. However the reason LOA varies when FFR changes is precisely to keep that in balance - just because good old stirling is 1:1 with its "baby brother" the Euro doesn't change the price of a bread roll in Kaisers. This means that these fluctuations in LOA are there precisely to keep the cash the same month by month - that is until someone decides that the base LOA shoppping basket costs less in Germany than it used to and therefore the differential is less, as just happened.
  14. Your pay IS the same every month its just that you have elected to recieve it in euro's

    Any individual that is serving and has the bolls to tell me that his standard of living in Germany under current arrangements is not as good as it would be were they in the UK is a lying bar steward.
  15. You have got to say he has a point. People are whinging because they are receiving 'less' but in actual fact still have far more disposable income than they would if in the UK. You are just a mug if you shop in the Naafi.