Germaine Greer on Question Time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitbycrab, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. Am I wrong or did Germaine Greer just imply on Question Time that if we allowed UK ground troops into Libya our troops would employ rape? What grounds does she have for such an accusation?
  2. I was fecking furious when she said that daughters flirt with their dads and kissing a dad goodnight sexualises them. As a dad this just made me want to pull her through the tv and punch her face in.
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  3. The fact that she is a complete tw*t :)
  4. twit? or c*nt?
  5. She's gone downhill since the Female Eunuch.
  6. She is a silly, deluded old-time feminist that's time has been and gone.... She may have had her place in earlier years but the only way she keeps getting media attention is spouting the most outrageous drivel.

    She leaps to attack the likes of Stephen Fry when he said some baseless, silly, unjustified things but then does the same thing herself.

    I generally reach for the mute button as soon as she opens her trap, but had lost the remote this time...
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Personally I thought that she made a lot of sense if you actually listened to what she said, namely:

    That troops from any nation can potentially commit rape. True and British forces have certainly done it in the past.

    That young girls in certain circumstances are sexualised by their environment from a young age. Again true.

    I don't see any problem with those comments. Hitchens proved to be the biggest idiot again, as per his norm.
  8. I think she****ed up by saying all, obviously she meant any could commit rape. Where does she get this outrageous belief that western troops could do bad things, how about Abu grab prison abuse and our finest Light Infantry in Iraq beating civvies with their now CO looking on.

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  9. Only saw half the programme so missed some of her remarks. I concur with you Gremlin regarding what Greer said re. the "rape" issue and Hitchens viewpoint is as ever a head shaking or head in hands scenerio.
  10. I do not believe that HM Forces would employ rape wholesale as it would seem Ghaddafi is ordering his troops to do and that, in my mind, is what Germaine Greer was implying by the way she said it.
  11. Probably just wishful thinking on her part.
  12. She said it in a very clumsy way, but little girls DO learn to 'flirt' by using their dads! Just not in a sexual way! How many dads have said no and then been talked around by their little girl, head tilted to the side, giving them the wide-eyed puppy dog look?
  13. I'm inclined to agree; she gets mentioned here about twice per year, if that. Usually because of this kind of thing.
  14. Greer is an irrelevant feminist has-been, who occasionally emerges from the sheltered harbour of academia to make a few sweeping pronouncements and collect a cheque.

    Sometimes there's a very fine line between a body of disciplined troops and a lawless rabble. The British army has been aware of that fact for hundreds of years, and (more or less) succeeds in maintaining law and order amongst it's ranks - sometimes in very trying circumstances. The idea that British troops would be involved in rape as anything more than isolated (and swiftly punished) incidents is laughable.
  15. I can point her house out she lives a couple of mile away, and the long haired CO has met her a couple of times and says she is a stroppy, egotistic cow. There were a couple of expletives in there as well.