Geri Halliwells fella gives her diamond earrings

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 23, 2007.

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    20000 Pounds... Only... Frankly speaking the billionaire could not be so gready.

    Personally I like Geri, her style. She is one of few who sings with soul.


    What jewellery have you baught for you beloved?


    Foot-note for Andy and Arik. If it is anti-US or/and anti-Israel then imform me please.
  2. Gave my other half a pearl knecklace recently....
  3. She's obviously a Goldigger.
  4. Good.

    Few days ago I gifted my wife golden chain and modest pendant with small emerald and 3 tiny diamonds.
  5. Id give her some jelly jewellery
  6. Might be wrong but I think that one got lost in translation.....well just lost.

    I might be wrong Sergey but looky here
  7. LMAO! Of course I know zip of Russian outside of swear words let alone slang... :D
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    She's still a tallentless tone deaf tart tho.
    (But I'd still geve 'er one! :twisted: )

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  9. PMSL :D

    Sergey - you learn something new every day :thumright:
  10. Yes, my English is improving (or spoiling) each day.
  11. You're right it did get lost in the translation - but it is a bloody funny to read. :lol:
  12. So then Sergey no doubt in addition to the golden chain and modest pendant with small emerald and 3 tiny diamonds, you'll be gifting her a Pearl necklace as well :wink: