Gerber tools cheap!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Run_Charlie!, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Spotted in the Christmas catalogue. As it's nearly Christmas shopping time....

    Multi function tool (not Gerber) £20 part no 75606-34
    Mini Clutch/Pliers (Gerber) £19 part no 86320-34
    Suspension Multitool (Gerber) £40 part no 62497-34

    Hope this helps!
  2. We have a branch locally that we use as an ad hoc supplier. They are cheap and quite good.
  3. I've got a few leatherman's (leathermen?) and they are excellent-never gone wrong on me and are bombproof-I've still got a leatherman original from 1998 that is working fine.

    I've had 2 Gerbers and both times the blade snapped. Fcuking pile of shite and I wouldn't buy one ever again.
  4. Bought a supertool about 10 years ago and it is still as good as the day i got it, (except i broke the screwdriver aswell, but i was abusing it. if i could be arrsed sending it away leatherman would replace it free)

    i won a gerber as a prize last year and it doesn't even come close to the supertool quality, any heavy use and it will bend and the pliers seize. total crap. It has only had light use as i just cant trust it.

    I am only getting the Charge TTi because i would be daft not to at the ebay US price.

    So todays top tip DO NOT BUY GERBER
  5. Gerber sport 400 pliers slide out of handle, had for 4 years and agree not very strong, but better than swiss army knife. Leatherman wave got two for Xmas 3 years ago and they are the dogs danglies, no problems after shed loads of use, got given a Gerber suspension last week not used it yet and it came with a little 2" folding pocket knife, both seem more solid than the 400 but we'll see.
    The 400 made me look a cock 3 years ago when in the park I was passing 2 young ladies having a picnic, only to hear them moaning at no corkscrew for their wine. Up step me "May I be of some help" leans in blimps down cleavage and pulls Gerber from belt. Starts to apply the corkscrew to much admiring glances. Cue three turns in the F**king corkscrew snapped off, managed to lever the cork out using the pliers before throwing smoke and exiting stage left at speed. :oops:

    Don't think they come with corkscrews anymore :roll:
  6. l just oiled mine and it doesnt go 'cheap' anymore.

  7. Thought after posting before I'd best have a proper look see at the Gerber suspension I was given last Thursday. It's bigger than my Leathermans but has less tools, and they are smaller. Leathermans still king of the hill.

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  8. I've had a Gerber for 4 years and its been fine.

    Used (almost) daily since.

    Luck of the draw it seems.
  9. why buy 1 when you can get a leatherman issued for free!

    i got the leatherman core... £80 in the shops aswell, winner.
  10. leatherman is for pooofs who wear spangly thongs. Why do you need a corkscrew in a multi-tool? Fecking G-A-Y. I see leatherman even do pruners now - great you can drink wine whilst trimming your rose bush - lovely.

    Gerber, the mans tool. The self assuredness of flicking out the pliers as an announcement that you have arrived in the nick of time to save the day and complete the job. (None of this pfaffing about with two hands to open the multi-tool).

    P.S SOG's are for nancy boys who haven't grown out of Swiss Army Knives.
  11. Not paying attention are you, it's the Gerber that came with the corkscrew.

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  12. A real man can open his leathermans with just the flick of his wrist.
  13. I bought the original leatherman in 1985ish still got it.
  14. A Gerber with a corkscrew!?!

    Not for removing corks from wine bottles, but removing eyeballs from disenters.