Gerber Recon LED Torch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by foxs_marine, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have experience of this torch? I'm thinking of getting one, but I've heard rumours that while build quality is good, battery life falls short of what's promised & replacements are costly & hard to find.

    What do other Arrsers think?


  2. Good torch, robust, user friendly and as for replacement batteries, they take normal AA batteries that you can get from your QM's. Mines been going strong for 2 years now.
  3. When you say replacements do you mean batteries or spare parts?

    Are you sure you're not thinking of a torch that takes Cr123As ('camera batteries')?

    Just wondering as I was thinking about getting one of these Gerber jobbies as well.
  4. Thier good torches if your not going down the head torch route
  5. They're good torches. As in, they are and not 'belonging' to someone!
  6. alright i am inf.
  7. Yup, "inf as mince".
  8. if the recon is the one with the four colour turning head, its a really good torch. i've had mine a number of years and its still going strong!
  9. the clip is a bit useless but the torch itself is a good bit of kit
  10. Good torch. Never looked back since I got this. As it only takes 1 x AA batt it is also good.
  11. It is heavier than a double AA maglite... and I haven't worked out how to stop it turning itself on when pressed from one end or the other.
  12. Just turn it off fully .Turn it off a little and you can still get light by pressing
    end cap.Brilliant little torch this and head torch covered for most things.
    Which as a kit bunny this saddens me short of spending bounty on some insane rifle mounted surefire like thing I have need to buy another torch. :cry: .
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  14. Link u/s.
  15. I agree good bit of kit, once you work out the best way to deal with the on/off badger (very minor annoyance)

    The blue light is good for checking your basha for scorpions too (not as good as UV light, but makes them easier to see than white)