Gerber Recon DIAL torch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stabandswat, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Just bought one on t'internet then scolded myself for not checking with the folks on Arrse!! Any good or have I just wasted £20?

    Gerber Recon
  2. Maglite all the way.

    Although one of my lads bought one of the Gerber torches for $20 in Kabul and I thought it was ok. Bit of a gimmick though, with the rotating lenses.
    Personally I wouldn't buy it.
  3. It's ok for close work checking your map etc, the maglite has a brighter light. I am a bit of a kit freak and carry both! Gerber in my smock on a lanyard and the mini maglite as a backup in my bergan!
  4. I figured it would make my life easier as i'm forever losing the coloured lenses in the field! Good idea Merlin, I am going to keep my maglite anyway so may as well keep it in the Bergan
  5. Personally think Maglites are sh*t, especially if you go somewhere hot, the bulbs blow on them far too quickly, nowadays I would opt for a small LED torch or if brightness was needed, a surfire. You can pick surefires up relatively cheaply on Ebay these days. Another decent torch is the Petzl type LED head torch, you can get ones that switch from red to white light too and they arent that pricey.
  6. Maglite actually do an LED version now...
    They also send out replacement switches if yours breaks, meaning that your torch will effectively keep working as long as there are replacement bits...
  7. Maglites are free, so they work for me.
  8. I rate the Gerber Recon. Smaller and lighter than a Mini Maglite, batteries and bulbs last longer and all the colours for a combat disco in one unit. Not so good for fitting to a weapon (no LLM for me!) so I do still carry the Maglite sometimes, slightly better searching tool too. But I don't regret buying the Recon. First bit of kit I've seen for ages that just had to have...
  9. Bought one a while ago, not used it yet but it looks ok. Not much use for 'big light' (reference Peter Kay) but looks the trick for map reading etc. Handy that there are no fiddly lenses to arrse around with now. Like the others, I still keep a 2xAA maglite in my beltkit in case I need to 'put t'big light on'. A bonus now is that all my kit runs off AA batteries, so no worries about resup.
  10. whats the battery life like ? i like it cos it runs off AA's. i carry just the petzl headtorch atm which is a pain cos its on AAA's anyone know of a torch similar to the petzl that runs off AA , maglites good for ops when wite light is an essential have it on a lanyard of ya BA .i had one but its in my mfo box so therefore lost in the system .
  11. Bringing this thread back from the dead .Used this torch a lot over the last month or so .Its brilliant bright enough for most tasks battery last pretty long clip is strong so can improvise head torch by clipping it too
    helmet elastics etc .Verstile and well built and easy to tie to smock so I still have it. :D