Gerber or Leatherman?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Going on a course soon that states in the joining instructions that purchasing a Leatherman type tool is advisable.
    I used to have a Leatherman years ago but lost it in Bosnia.

    Any advice as to which make is the best and model?

  2. Mines a "HESCO" and it's bril. !

    Surely, with all your contacts and influence you could acquire one from a friendly wedgie ?

    I don't wear it on my belt though (despite being T.A.).
  3. Gerbil definately. Just ensure you remember to take along a Bic and empty toilet roll tube.
  4. Gerber suspension. Available at Millets, Blacks and the like, and after forces discount is only about 30- 35 pounds. All the tools you will need, and cheap enough that it wont leave you too upset if you lose it.
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I'd go for a Leatherman Wave. I got one a few years ago, its still going strong and is still nice and sharp.

    They come with a 25yr guarantee, so youre covered for a while.

    I don't have any experience with Gerbers, but I've heard that they aren't as reliable as Leathermen.
  6. Gerber Suspension is good.
  7. If you need it for a course then it should be issued. There is an NSN for the leatherman.
  8. I haven't heard good things about Gerbers regarding holding an edge and ease of sharpening. I've got a Leatherman Charge; very good but one of the more expensive ones.
  9. Whatever you take make sure the edges of the handles are rounded, not like on the early Leatherman, or else you'll hand up with very red and very sore palms if you need to cut through something tough.
  10. Leatherman Wave is what I use and is still razor sharp despite all sorts of abuse. The tools are well thought out with some accesible without opening it and the pliers are comfortable to use. I did also have an old L'man Supertool that was OK in its time but trying to use the pliers was painful to say the least.

    If you lost your old tool in Bosnia why not make a kit insurance claim! Albeit a little delayed.
  11. Machetes are for winners.
  12. The JT's state advisable. Have no dramas getting one. The NSN is for Leatherman Core but knowing my QM's ill be asking to see if its in months after the course! :roll:
  13. Det cord?? :wink:
  14. Depends what you are using it for.

    I always need a pair of pliers. (That and some JT solve most ammo problems). So I prefer a Gerber that allows you to deploy the pliers one handed.

    The screwdrivers and such like are normally pump on all multi tools, so I hope its not these that you need.

    If its for the Demolition Safety Officers Course (or whatever its called now) that you were enquiring about a while ago then you will need a good sharp knife, that's very easy to clean (i.e no nooks and crannies). The pliers would just be used to open the ammo boxes, which is easy enough with your fingers.

    Do not get an EOD Gerber or leatherman, they pointlessly cost more and they have Det crimpers that will overcrimp British L1 dets - That's BAD. Only cowboys and clowns who don't know what they are doing have EOD multitools.