"Ger orf yer fat arrse and RUN!"

Apart from the above advice, any one get any serious advice?

In December I have BPFA, and I'm shite at running. So does anyone have any serious advice? Should I be doing say about 20mins each day, to start with? Or should I rest off a day? Assume your starting with someone who can't run at all.

I'm currently doing about 20 mins a day just to get used to running, is this two much to fast?

NOTE: yes I know you old buggers all had to do 1.5 miles in under 10 seconds, and on your belly, propeled by only your nob.. and all that, and us modern recruits just can't cut it etc.
It just depends on what works for you
I just run for longer as my fitness improves and then push it on a bit after a week at the same time /distance.Try and go further or faster over the same disatnce. It soon builds up stamina.
Seriously the answer really is just more and more running, obviously anything that works your legs like cycling etc. will also be a bonus.

tips for running:
1.Get a walkman (seriously).
2.Pick a 25 minute run and constantly run it until you can do it in 20min. Pick a new 25 min run, the repeat it.
3.Run for more than 20 minutes atleast once a week, i usually do 45mins twice a week, the above 25mins twice a week and the standard 1.5 mile, timed once a week and then after that 1.5 mile jog about another 2 miles but do that as slow as you like and all your effort in your 1.5 mile run. 4.Keep track of your results and time every run, you can measure a route by cycling it with a bike clock.
5.Try repeating a phrase in your head as you run to concentrate your mind and steady your breathing eg. "pain is temporary, pride is forever".
7.Keep your eyes fixed about 5 meters ahead when running, don't look ahead and think bugger look how far I have to go and don't set short term targets along your route, your only target is the end.
8.Aim to finish at home and run away from your home for atleast half the amount of time you expect to run so you have to get back anyway, you'll think to yourself, you might aswell run it.
9.Stretch well, holding each stretch for atleast 20seconds or it is pointless.
10.Get good comfortable clothing, especially trainers!
11.Leave it about 3hrs after you have eaten before you run, or 2hrs if you have a fairly small meal (5 small meals a day is better than 3 normal meals btw) and you may have a small snack eg. a SMALL sandwich or healthy chewy bar 1hr before you run. Drink lots of water in the 3hrs before you run, but don't gulp it, sip it.
12. I don't run with water, i wouldn't recommend it, however gatorade etc. is supposed to help, might be worth a try.

Hope that helps mate, running is the hardest of the lot, you just have to dig in. I usually run alone but maybe running with someone slightly better than you may help. I have tried this but most of the time they just aren't as focused as me and can't be arsed even though they are fitter so don't let them drag you down.

Any other questions feel free to ask.
I'm currently trying to find out what is the record for the number of individual obstacles completed on RCB, any help with that question would be great ;)
Also eat things high in protein after you run and if you live in the cuty, running on the backstreets at night (about 8pm) is a lot easier!
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