Discussion in 'Sappers' started by paddington_88, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm aware that this post has been made before and I have read through them but they all seem a bit dated and was wondering if anyone could give me an update on what the trade is like etc? From what I have read, most people think it is a nerdy trade and I have also read that they can't do the AACC? Is this true?

    I have done my A-Levels and have an interest in engineering but also want the combat engineer side of things, so if you think there is a trade I would be more suited to, I would appreciate any recommendations. :)


  2. Go for any other trade in the Corps but do not become a Geo Mong :twisted:
  3. Is it that bad? lol Have you had any experience with them?
  4. if you want to do any CBT ENG do not join the geo mongs they dont do any!!
    they should be int corp
  5. lol funny enough, they were my first choice but after going and having a look at them, decided they weren't for me :x too much desk work and the bar was empty both nights I was there, I want to do the AACC and all the front line stuff as I originally wanted to go inf but I think RE would be more suited to me, still stuck on what trade though? :?
  6. what is AACC?
  7. All Arms Commando Course? Green Beret? :?
  8. Right.

    I'll hopefully get a chance at doing that in the future
  9. well if you want front line stuff cbt eng, is the best cause its all it does,
    but any trade you'll be at the sharp end at least once in your career, (apart from the mongs)
    no need for data map collection on the ground at the sharp end thats what planes and sats are for.

    have a hard think about what you want to learn about and think you'll enjoy doing both on and off tour
  10. Paddington: if your interested in technical-type stuff rather than an artisan trade but still want to do combat engineering, you should consider Construction Materials Technician or Surveyor. Both trades have postings in every RE regiment and operate as knockers (combat engineers) just like any other tradesman. Design Draughtsman and Draughtsman Electrical & Mechanical might interest you as well. As a Geo Tech you will spend the vast majority of your career at 42 Regiment, hardly every do combat engineering and on ops will be working mainly in HQ-type enivornments. That doesn't sound like what you're after so I'd suggest looking into the other trades I mentioned.
  11. Also i was told today that draughtsman has 4 spaces this year and possibly only 6 next year. I have changed my 1st choice from draughtsman to surveyor.

    Geo tech was an option of mine, but like has been said... the more I hear of it, it doesn't sound like you get out much
  12. Cheers wedge35,

    I did hear from a L/Cpl that CMT was a decent trade so I think I'll switch to that because I've had nothing but negative feedback about Geo Tech.


  13. I know Geo guys serving in 42 who've done AACC, so there can't be a rule you can't do it.

    All those that criticise Geo Techs are just jealous of the wages they get in civvie street when they get out.

    As with any trade, it can be as exciting or as dull as you make it.
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  14. Is it your trade Jerm? I don't really mind what trade, I'm more interested in the combat engineering side of things and doing the AACC. Also, what about being stuck at 42 Regiment? :?

  15. 42 Regiment has Squadrons at Hermitage and also one in Germany so it's not a case of being stuck in one place. However, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to combat engineering. It's up to you to decide what you most want to do.