Georgie B is awesome, what a guy!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rapierman, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Part of me, and I don't know why thinks something maybe be afoot here!!!! Now given as the majority of us have no proof or way of determining any of the above "planned" incidents are true, how should we take this, I am taking it as propaganda in the highest order, but not only that, do they really think people are that dense? Last week Billy Smith planned to rob old lady Jones in the post office, he never did it though, we intercepted his plan ( no arrests were necessary as no offence took place, but he was planning to though!) What a bunch of arrse! We look like we are doing something to justify why so many of our people have being put on the front line as political and personal pawns so we don't lose face more like.
  2. It could be true. I, myself, stopped Bin Laden from destroying Canada last week.
  3. "The good and great United States of America has foiled plots on uk soil!"

    "Britain now owes us another one", says Pres Bush. "Those limey don't know what side their bread is buttered!!"

    A secret communi-k intercepted a few minutes ago.
  4. No you didn't, it was me.
  5. Well they can't really win can they. Terrorist actually fly planes into real buildings its all filmed and still some people say its a conspiracy or didn't even happen (the pentagon aircraft).

    I very much doubt Afganistan would have been invaded if the 9/11 hijackers had been caught prior to the attack. By these arguments we are probably better off doing nothing and wait for the bombs to explode.

    The fact that the July 7th and 21st bombs happened is enough evidence to me that there were indeed other attacks planned. - Dead police officer in a raid, anyone remember the Ricin plot?

    Of course you would use these gains for politcal ammunition when/if you think the time is right (and you have been informed). It just seems the whole 'Iraq case for war' intell blunders have made it easy to criticise all aspects of TWAT now.
  6. What you were trying to destroy Canada, or you stopped Bin Laden??

    I like the bit about East Asian men being recruited to do the dirty work on airplanes, the Terrorists(tm) are outsourcing and George gets another demographic to apply extra scrutiny too. Wonder if there's an agency suplying the terrorists with 'consultants' to do the work for them.
  7. I think what has been said is all true, I am a media sponge I watch the news all day and believe every single world, they are our leaders and we must trust them, they are above any corruption and lies and are without any doubt the holiest men to walk on this earth. I Hereby solemnly swear that from now on I will listen and unconditionally believe anything our sworn and trusted elected leaders tell us. God Bless Them All !!! (Rest in peace you lying double-crossing fcucks :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: )
  8. anything bush says is true!

    he hears voices in his head from GOD remember!
  9. DrStealth,

    Well there you are then he is the new prophet and all cartoons of him must cease. Those that mock him will pay, and when he has he giant space station complete with tugsten rods he will zapp the evil doers.

    I thought I read somewhere that he likes the idea that Israel is supposed to occupy most of the middle east as well, in prepartaion of the second coming? I'll see if I can find a link.