Georgian UAV shot down bu Russian jet

captaincalamity said:

On the Beeb today - looking down the business end of a fast jet. For the spotters out there, identify the jet and the missile...
Doh! it says it's a Mig -29 in the commentary!

Is it an Act of War?
Bit of a mental one-aren't the spetics trying to get Georgia in NATO? Would georgia actually add anything to the alliance, or, as with Albania, is it a Spam ideological one? To be honest, I wouldn't really fancy having to go to war with the russkies over Georgia if they did attack it, seems a bit of a waste of time to me, its right next door to Russia, its naturally the russian's b1tch, and other than geographical location I don't see what it offers us as an ally...
ostvic said:
Would make more sense. Well the Russians are going to say it was photoshop job and pretend an L-39 fired the missle :)
Which would be great if Stevie Wonder was the only one looking at the footage. :roll:

Maybe the Ruskies should get Alastair Campbell to spin for them?

After all, he made liabour look like a political party for ages. He could give the ruskies some top tips on blatent cover up fibbing.

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