Georgian UAV shot down bu Russian jet

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by captaincalamity, Apr 22, 2008.

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    It looks a real video to me, the type looks to be a MiG-29 going by the wing shape, twin tails, and the bound vortices shedding from the strakes as it pulls some serious alpha - it's not an "L-39 aircraft of the Abkhaz Air Force"!

    As for the missile? either an Aphid or an Archer at a guess?
  2. Doh! it says it's a Mig -29 in the commentary!

    Is it an Act of War?
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That'll be Fulcrum then. Dunno about the missile though.
  4. Don't know whether the footage was gen or not- didn't see anything to suggest it wasn't, but here's what the Georgian UAVs look like:

  5. The UAV was an Elbit Hermes 450. :cyclopsani:

    I'm guessing the missile was an AA-8 'Aphid'.
  6. Bit of a mental one-aren't the spetics trying to get Georgia in NATO? Would georgia actually add anything to the alliance, or, as with Albania, is it a Spam ideological one? To be honest, I wouldn't really fancy having to go to war with the russkies over Georgia if they did attack it, seems a bit of a waste of time to me, its right next door to Russia, its naturally the russian's b1tch, and other than geographical location I don't see what it offers us as an ally...
  7. Could the missile be an AA-11 Archer?

  8. It could be but my guess was down to the shorter range (and cheaper) Aphid. Would seem a better solution to shooting it down than using the Archer. Like I said, just a guess. :wink:
  9. Would make more sense. Well the Russians are going to say it was photoshop job and pretend an L-39 fired the missle :)
  10. Which would be great if Stevie Wonder was the only one looking at the footage. :roll:

    Maybe the Ruskies should get Alastair Campbell to spin for them?

    After all, he made liabour look like a political party for ages. He could give the ruskies some top tips on blatent cover up fibbing.