Georgian TV reporter shot live on air.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dizzee367, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. LINK - Daily mail.
  2. Yeah, love. You keep telling yourself that - while you're still walking around breathing. It was a sniper and not just some drunk prick with an AK who fancied a cabby.

    Journo's. I've shat 'em.
  3. Keep your eye open for the Turkish reporters taking a few rounds to the windscreen.

  4. Must have been a richochet
  5. Or a Gnocchet?
  6. More likely an airsoft walt judging by her "wound". Though it may have been an ND on a snipers part whilst perving at her.
  7. No body armour - silly cow: She probably didn’t want to spoil her look.
    There are so many cowboys out there now due to fact that broadcast cameras are relatively cheap. These ‘heroes’ get in the way – shoot things they shouldn’t and then get themselves shot.

    The BBC nearly lost a whole crew to a Russian aircraft because they parked the crew's black SUV on the top of a ridge close to an area already under fire.

    Top tip:
    Don't point your camera at Israeli tanks: The commander will assume you are holding an RPG:

    This guy was good and should have known better.
  8. If it was a sniper she'd be making smalltalk with worms.
  9. I'm curious, what was used as 'blood'? Tomato juice or Heinz ketchup?
  10. It was innocent civilian blood. Cause by the trigger happy Russian war machine.
  11. Running dog Imperial lackey Crypto Fascists, the lot of them.

    Sergie, thought you'd be busy?
  12. Bukkaki.

    She'd get it.

    Anyone else snigger at body armour being put on after she'd been shot?
  13. Sergey,

    It would appear that the Russians learned from the Iraqi playbook. Shoot at the civilian press scaring them out of the area and then you can control the information coming into and going out of the battlefield.

    Don't think it would fly for the US, but then again, it is effective I suppose.
  14. I don't know, the Yanks gave it a go.