Georgia guilty of starting the conflict in South Ossetia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Both rhetoric and actions seem remarkably similar to Serb efforts in Kosovo '98-'99. Then, the world was up in arms and NATO decided to bomb Belgrade due to 'excessive and unreasonable use of force'.

    What's the betting NATO doesn't launch airstrikes against the Georgian capital Tbilisi? What's the betting they actually support the Georgian operations?

  2. Nice photo
  3. Nothing like mate

    Why would NATO fight Russias battles for them?

    Well as I see it they are putting down an uprising in there own backyard, why wouldnt we support that?
  4. And now, from AP newswire:

    For septic stories read Washington Post or Wall Street Journal
  5. Why not support the uprising as NATO did in Kosovo?
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    Makes me wish I was young enough to volunteer. All those mint juleps, Southern belles, all talking like Scarlett O'Hara and the balmy Georgian nights. Can't understand why Russia can get away with attacking part of the USA though.
  7. It would certainly prove interesting if the CIA made another map error (al la Chinese embassy 1999) and bombed Atlanta instead of Tbilisi... :)
  8. I dont think the Georgians have been ethnically cleansing (read murdering thousands) the seperatists over the previous 5 years as the Serbs were doing to the muslims and Croats of Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina and Kosovo.
  9. My bold.

    This could set a couple of precedents. First, Serbia could use this "(re-establishment) of constitutional order" to justify a military move into Kosovo. Second, if Serbia did that, NATO would be compelled to act against Serbia, thus providing an excuse for Russia to move against Georgia.

  10. Fair point, legally NATO was wrong to support Kosovo as it is a part of Serbia and within there constitutional borders etc etc.

    They should have intervened much earlier whilst the serbs where causing mayhem in Bosnia for example.
  11. Oh! That old chestnut! And of course non-Serbs were as innocent as pure virgins dressed in white and never did a thing wrong. It was only the Serbs who committed atrocities.
  12. I'm not overly concerned about what happens in South Ossetia, per se. It's a long way from me and I'm not going to be affected.

    However, the hypocritical policies pursued by the US and the EU lead us to an awkward position. I think what is happening in South Ossetia now is DIRECTLY related to the Kosovo issue. Georgia, Russia and the South Ossetians themselves see violence as the only way to achieve their political aims and now is the time to use it. The mess in Kosovo created by the US/EU has served as a catalyst.
  13. I didnt say that. but the serbs certainly topped a huge amount more people than the other sides and they were doing so in an organised fashion.

    At Srebrenica alone it is estimated that they killed 8,000, name me one attrocity commited by any of the other sides that amounted to this much?
  14. In fact if you totalled all the alledged attrocities commited by non-serbs it wouldn't even amount to a fraction of the 8,000 murdered at Srebrenica.
  15. Let's not get into specifics for now, but it seems a bit daft to use Srebrenica as the 'justification' for our actions over Kosovo. Srebrenica was an atrocity committed by the VRS (BiH) in 1995 not the VJ (Serbia) in 1998. It's like saying Israel has a justification to bomb Tehran based on Kurdish bombs exploding in Ankara.

    Yes, the Serbs were rather naughty in Kosovo, and went beyond what is acceptable in our eyes. Looking at the pictures and reading the reports, the Georgians are now using significantly greater force, with more indiscriminate weapons than the VJ.