Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Higround, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. For all you 1 ADSR folks out there im sure you are aware that Georges is now out of bounds. So I put it to the community, what are we going to do now? Cos there is no fooking way I am going back to old Georges. Anyone remember that place? What a dive!

    Comments and suggestions plz and for the love of god no one say the NAAFI bar!
  2. Why is it out of bounds????
  3. Is this the old victigs can anyone remember it.?
  4. ah Good old Cafe Wichtigs :D :D

    Remember that place well :D
  5. not any more, where aloud back in

  6. Jays anyone? :D
  7. where aloud

    Is that like Girls Aloud but with werewolves ?
  8. oy c-ock knocker go stick your head up your arrse
  9. i would just like to make a quick point...for all those members of the fine sqn of 212 armoured warriors...a certain cpl . now a sgt who has just served in lympestone attatched to the marines as a storeman...and having never completed , or started a royal marines commando course...or in fact his senior clm which he failed the initial cft on day 1 twice. now parading around batus....not only wearing the royal marines green beret. but also has the commando dagger sewn to all of his kit........does any one know who im talking about....

    WHAT A ******* WASTER....
  10. I think you might want to remove the name above (Persec)

    Anyone who would want to know will know.
  11. I reckon a lot of people will be on the phone in the next few hours.....
  12. name removed...i do apologise...he just got my back up...people have put in a lot of blood sweat and tears to earn what he is quite clearly bigging himself up with.....but im sure he will get his come-upance....
  13. They always get caught in the end.

    I remember a lad at 7 who wore his wings after a transfer from the Paras.

    Turned out he didn't even pass Phase 2, and when he went out on Herrick bumped into some of 3 Para...............
  14. and on the same note does anyone remember Charile ******* the airborne jester (think of it as a rhyme) who went to white helmets wearing wings and kept up the pretence for a couple of years before being rumbled? 8O :lol:
  15. When I was at a TA Unit a bloke got booted out as he went on a course and just stuck some Sgt tapes on his kit and went into the mess. It wasn't until someone saw his end of course photo that he was rumbled.