Georges Gong box

I know that British soldiers have done a very good job with often very little thanks.

It is with this in mind that I stared looking at what sort of medals British troops could have earnt if they were to have joined the Amurken forces instead of our own.


Has anyone been to MPA, or just happenend to be on a flight there and back?- Medal

Has anyone been to Germany for longer than a weekend -Medal

Worn a uniform and been brave - whilst not at war - Medal

been captured - Medal - no disrespect but shouldnt there be an escape attempt or somesuch before you get Gongs?

*Most worrying of all - if you look here, it lists all the as yet unconfirmed venues for "The War On Terror" for US services, I hope you've got your jabs booked cos its a long list! Half way down, the fixtures for T-W-A-T on tour.

I may be wrong but don,t the Americans get a medal for crossing the Atlantic ie GERMANY.
The Aussies that went to Vietnam get 3 medals for that.
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