Georgeous women Where You Least Expect Them!


Just been visiting my Mum who is in hospital about to have a kidney removed. I called a taxi to get me back to the train station & when it turned up I was confronted by an absloutely stunning woman driving the thing.

I have been catching a lot of taxis lately & without exception until now the drivers have been hairy arrsed blokes with all the sex appeal of big toe enlarged by gout. She was probably late 20's - early 30's, she was sat down but she looked tall & well built. She was utterly georgous & had a sexy, sulty voice like a phone sex operator.

Pre/post Op?. No, she was all woman! Wonen like her should not be driving taxis!

Anybody else encountered a drop dead georgous woman in an unexpected location?


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Went skiing earlier in the year and one of the young girls (Australian) staying at our chalet was quite pretty but seemed a bit of a tomboy and you couldn't really see if she had a figure under all her snowboarding gear. Anyway, we all exchanged Facebook addresses and very soon some pictures appeared on her site that she very quickly deleted - it turns out that she is a finalist in Miss Western Australia!! And luckily I got the name of the photographer of the event so I've lifted a couple of pics of young Sarah off her website for you to enjoy.


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Letterwritingman said:
Every night in my bed.....she's called MRS LWM
is that before or after alcohol?


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On this site?


Chester, early hours of the morning.
Two rather eye pleasing young ladies sat on the pavement outside a pub this morning.
Followed by a cleaner coming out of the hotel I was delivering too, rather nice and very unexpected (almost as unexpected as seeing a cleaner at 03.40)
Brightened my morning no end.
I used to be a Community First Responder (Explanation) and I went to a job once for an middle-aged lady having a suspected MI (heart attack), anyway she turned out to be a care-in-the-community type and was looked after by two of the most gorgeous young ladies I ever met. Foreign, Baltic states, I guessed by the accent, def not Polish.

I couldn't communicate with the patient, so chatted to the carers to establish any medical regime etc, and was cocking all my words up and was mumbling like a mong. When the ambulance crew arrived you could see the look in their faces as they clocked the totty. Oxygen and treatment applied they then attended to the young ladies. They even managed to get one to go all the way to the hospital with them in their ambulance, which for non-family is quite rare.

I secretly was hoping she would have a relapse so I would get called out again. I thnk the old girl croaked or got sectioned as i never saw the old girl or the totty again.
MITS regaining consciousness at the side of side of a road in pool (well it was running down the gutter) of (my) blood opens eyes to see an absolute babe WPC. I didn't know they made them like that :)


in the AGC...................................only joking. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
Russia. For a young lad brought up on stereotypes of lumpen babuschkas, the Moscow underground was a real eye-opener and underpant-stretcher.

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