George Zimmerman found not guilty

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Rant alert:

    Thank fuck the criminal trial is over and done with!!! I was afraid he'd be found guilty thereby ensuring we would get more courtroom coverage for a year or more. (Not unlike the feeding frenzy of the Amanda Knox trial in Italy.)

    Now I can turn on the evening news without that non-stop vomit-inducing circus being thrown in my face by every fucking one of the news networks.

    If there is to be a civil wrongful death trial, the networks ought to be required to hold a lottery. The LOSER gets that trial and all the other networks carry real-world news.

    Rants ends.
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  2. Does your home insurance cover riot damage?
  3. Who?
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  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    More to the point since you all over there have more firearms than you could possibly operate at any one time have you hired a gun bearer to load for you as the natives become restless?
  5. I doubt that will be necessary as I am at nearly the exact opposite corner of the Continent from that wasteland. No one could even pay me enough to visit that part of the country. I have been to Texas and I have been to Libya, and Florida lies somewhere in between the two.

    Exactly! Before this nonsense took control of the evening news, the only Zimmerman I had ever heard of was "The Zimmerman Telegram" sent by that fucking German official responsible for the US entering WWI by trying to get Mexico to invade the US by force of arms.

    Now Mexico is invading us by force of numbers and Germany has nothing to do with it.
  6. But when you listen to the news, there's going to be a national race war, it won't be confined to one little bit of Florida.....
  7. What the Americans need to do now is dress up like like innocent Hispanic looking folk and cut about wearing suit jackets with
    "we are all George Zimmerman" written on them......

    That ought to stir up the hornets nest......and by hornets I mean African Americans, and by nest I obviously mean ghetto.
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  8. The "news" want just that.

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  9. I remember the riots of 1968. The largest police force in the state did not have shotguns at the time and the chief issued a general order allowing his officers to carry their favourite 'deer rifle or shotgun' of their choice. I lent a school mate/copper my M-1 carbine before it was registered as a submachine gun. He returned it unfired.

    I saw just enough of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being interviewed earlier to grab the remote and go to The Cartoon Channel. The mentality of the trial ghouls being glued to their TV from first to last gavel amazes me. Or watching the House or Senate all day on CSPAN . . . or watching hours on end of Parliament. Is it something in the drinking water causing this?
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  10. Only in the sense that it's being drunk by a nation of people who all hate each other and spend their lives vying to make themselves out to be the bigger victim.
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  11. Great post. I often wonder the same thing--why does the "media" (I will not grace them with the term journalists) create a cause celebre' out of a case just to leverage off the supposed racism angle when there are 80 blacks murdered in Chicago in one week. Every victim there was a person with a story, just as Mr. Martin was. Lest our British cousins suggest it is only something in our water, during my frequent visits to Blighty, I have been struck by the similarity of this phenomenon there as well.
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  12. I would say "some" just as in any nation. In the same vein as my previous post, a similar phenomenon can be readily seen in any nation, whether the differences are tribal, geographical, ethnic, racial, socio-economic etc. Why just a casual scan of posts and threads (until the mods move in) on ARRSE demonstrate this quite clearly.
  13. They do their best, but there's less material to work with here. A vanishingly small number of black people came here as slaves, so there's no resentment from their descendants on that score. We've never had 'Jim Crow' laws, back of the bus etc, nor did it require the Army to let black people go to certain schools or to vote. We've never had anything analogous to the Klan either.

    On the other side of the scale, it means that the resentment industry has to make do with ever-scrappier bits of material - an attempt to ban the warning 'accident blackspot' from road signs was one in the last couple of years. Welfare scroungers aren't particularly skewed to any race either.
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  14. Well it's Florida and given the presumption of innocence it always looked like he'd walk.
  15. Because the Chicago shootings are usually a case of "black on black", or "hispanic on hispanic", etc. Also, these killings tend to be gang-related using illegally held weapons.

    You don't get the usual knee-jerk reaction if there is no racial angle or one where a legally held weapon is used, as that doesn't suit the agenda of certain groups who think whitey is evil and every legal gun owner is a potential Aurora or Sandy Creek.
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