George you are so money supermarket

Discussion in 'Economics' started by donmac, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Can't seem to afford our pensions though.
  2. Stolen with no shame from another website. An explanation as to why it isn't as mad as it first appears.

    "Say I have a £500,000 house with a £200,000 mortgage, and can just about service the mortgage. A relative needs an emergency loan of £50,000, which we can raise against the mortgage, pay 3% and lend to the relative at 4.5%.

    So we do have £50,000 to spare."
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  3. Could be worse, we could be gifting them it.
  4. "It says its contribution to the IMF is not public spending. All UK loans to the IMF are financed from the UK's Official Reserves, remain UK assets and do not contribute to public sector net debt."

    So who owns the UK then? Is it me or is that just dodging the point!
  5. Can't we for once look after our own first? I assume we're still printing money.
  6. So we are skint cuts all over the place and we can find a spare ten billion to lend is the Govenment totally mad.
    Charity begins at home I do not give a flying fu@k about any other country going tits up UK plc should come first.
    When is this Govenment going to grow a set of balls and say NO enough is enough.
  7. No, the government is lending at a profit, it's making money.
  8. By whom?

    Any interest he makes after he's finished baling out the Euro will be offset by the amount paid out in benefits to those being made redundant by his taxation policies.
    I've always voted Conservative but not for much longer.
  9. I thought we didn't have any money? So my pension will be safe then if we've £10bn to make profit from.
  10. I can't afford you pensions either!
  11. You mean it's supposed to be? Same as buying up the banks - good when their share prices are low, IF you're going to hang on to them (maybe to sort the buggers out) and then flog them. But knowing the UK Govt, they'll just sell them when they feel like it, unless they members can line their own pockets with some of the "Profits" raised.
  12. We're now the Disunited Kingdom of Great Britain and Kumbaya.
  13. The government is lending money it previously told us it didn't have. Just goes to show, dunnit?
  14. It is on our Governments interests to keep the worldwide financial system otherwise known as the 'ponzi' going as long as possible. Magic Money illusionary growth endless energy reserves what could go possibly wrong?
    Not to do sends the World to the other place. That is completely untested and an unknown entity.

    Its all about confidence you know, Once that confidence goes (and there have been some stern tests on it lately with more to come) it all falls apart.....