George W Bush claims UK lives 'saved by waterboarding'

Dear old G.W, I do miss his gaffes, but this one is a crock of shite...scuse moi francais!

Me thinks his thoughts have far more to do with the effect of post traumatic alcohol syndrome than anything factual.


So 'W' saved British lives by waterboarding, do we know how many? because we lost a couple of hundred dead and many more wounded by going into Iraq and of course Afghanistan of which we're still paying the butchers bill. Plus all the good peace loving boys from Bradford who like to blow themselves with as many commuters as possible. So how much of a favour did his leadership do us?
Methinks he is talking shit as he usually does. i think is just trying to justify his moronic existence and crap decisions.
Waterboarding? Is that like Snowboarding, but, without the silly hats?
One would think that despite his particular claims, the "intelligence" services may have gleaned some insight via strong-arm tactics over the years (not saying that any technique or target is justified), using the throw enough shit at a wall ploy.

Playing devils advocate for a second; for all we know, one tid-bit of credible intel may have come from one of the last 100 to be interrogated and when reported up the chain of Chinese-whispers it got translated to be torture = safe brits. If this was the line in an executive report, the the G.W is correct in what he says. - Its not his fault people have to dumb things down for him.. he was born that way :)
Fucking douchebag war criminal, and that's only on a good day! Then there's Cheney and Rumsfeld. All deserve being charged.
At least he aint apologizing about it. Blair would have held a press conference and apolgized for torture that went on a couple of hundred years ago!!
Wasn't waterboarding USA a massive hit for the Beach Boys?
George dubbya also claimed the world was flat and only 6000 years old (probably)...

...oh, and is he plugging a book by any chance!?
Did anyone really expect him to say anything else, like 'Totally illegal, all my fault, I'll surrender myself as a war criminal at The Hague immediately. It's a fair cop, now bring it on you bastards'?

It's the casual contempt with which they insult our intelligence, not so much the brazen effrontery.

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