George Solomou

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Greyman, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. Why join if you're not prepared to do the job? I don't understand. There is (currently) no conscription, no-one forced him into the TA centre. I'm sorry if this offends but I think the man is coward, that uniform should ripped off him and then he should be publicly flogged for being a WALT!
  2. I see he is wearing the Royal Army Medical Corps cap badge - The corps has more VC's (including a few doubles) than any other regiment/corps and this THING who calls himself a soldier chooses disgraces the Cap badge and Corps.

    If he doesn't agrees with, and feels he cannot abide by his oath of alligence then he should leave the TA.

    In the immortal words of one of my basic training staff 'waste of rations' :)

    We could boycott him and the Sun newspaper ?

  3. He shows a complete lack of disrespect to all those who are serving out there at the moment in very difficult circumstances. It must be illegal because by wearing the uniform surely he will be seen to represent the views of the armed forces.

    Is that the RAMC cap badge he is wearing? - B*****D
  4. Here is some more info on him:
    Written by The Guardian
    Tuesday, 15 February 2005


    · George Solomou is a lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the London Irish Rifles. He is a member of Military Families Against the War. This is an edited version of the letter he is submitting to his commanding officer today.

    I am resigning from the Territorial Army because I believe the war in Iraq is wrong. This has not been an easy decision. I have been in the TA for five years - years in which I have learned a lot; won a humanitarian award for helping save the life of a fellow soldier; made many friends; and, I hope, contributed something to this country.

    I have no doubt that some of my fellow soldiers will feel I am letting them down. Since I have spoken out against the war in the last few weeks I have had a lot of support from soldiers, but I have also been called a coward. I am a trained medic and there is no doubt my skills could be used in the field to save lives. But after a lot of soul-searching I have concluded my priority must be to try to save lives by taking a public stand against this war.

    Of course, when you join the armed forces you have to be prepared to fight. But not any war. Most people in Britain think the war in Iraq is wrong, and that is presumably because all the arguments used to justify it have proved to be hollow. We know there were no links between Iraq and international terrorism at the time the war started (though there are now). It is now official that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the idea that the war has made the world a safer place is a sick joke.
  5. Coward. Why is he only protesting now? Has he been pinged for a tour?

    He shouldn't have worn that uniform. Does he think he represents us all?

    Self centred yellow b&stard.
  6. Cowardly little waste of rations who should be hunted down and flogged. And charged for impersonating a soldier.
  7. Sorry about the spelling in my previous post (wife has just pointed it out to me) I am on medication and get confused typing on the keyboard.

  8. As long as your not typing on the 'ironing board' you'l be fine.
  9. It seems it's not illegal for someone to wear uniform as long as they are not pertaining to be a soldier. Although QR's mention something about it (and being no expert someone will be able to quote the paragraph).

    He is a disgrace to his capbadge, his headress and it's a mockery that he still wears a uniform he isn't entitled to wear.

    But, (un)fortunately we live in a liberal democracy where people wearing that capbadge and uniform have fought and died to secure the freedom he uses to sprout his rhetoric.

    He is a joke. I only wish he had enough spine to walk back into his TAC to hand in his kit. I'm sure he'd be subject to a warm welcome........
  10. I don't agree with this guy. I think he is doing the wrong thing. BUT... in his letter he makes a valid point. You sign up agreeing to fight in war.... 'but not any war' as he says.

    That's fair enough. I think a lot of the abuse heaped on this guy is for refusing to go out to the war zone, full stop. Would people still be zapping him if the situation in Iraq was different? Say (for the sake of argument) HM forces were ethnically cleansing areas of iraq to prevent civil war - forcibly moving Shia / Sunni to different areas, with bloodshed? Is that outside the bounds of possibility, and would it make a difference - would everyone still be keen to knock refuseniks then? What if HM forces were forcibly taking Iraqi national assets such as oil for the financial benefit of UK private companies, and shooting at protesters?

    I reckon it's a good idea not to get too slavish in your devotion to the uniform. There is still right and wrong to consider, just 'cos you sign up to something doesn't mean you can't criticise it. You should be attacking the guy's faulty arguments not his refusal to go along with the war.
  11. You agree to follow any order, so long as that order is legal. Ethnic cleansing would be an illegal order and I'd be the first to refuse to do it.

    He was happy enough to take the money when the job involved sitting in a TAC playing soldiers one night a week - did he never consider he may have to go to war? He would have happily left his mates to go to war without him, he's a morally bankrupt coward who does not deserve to be mentioned as a member of any military unit, who has disgraced his uniform, his unit and (worst of all in my opinion) would have let his mates down (if he had actually been called up).
  12. Since he have left the TA as would he should had returned his kit & Uniform? I though the QM of his regiment suppose to write to him and demand return of all his "1157" kit as well as anything out on 1033? And when he fail to do so, he will be reported to police as theft of HM properties. That my understanding of the issue of his uniform beside the fact that he is a disgrace to it. Unless the QM of his regiment have fail to do his job properly.
  13. I'm not attacking his right to disagree with the war. Nor do I have issues with him resigning because he objected, I actually had respect for him doing it. That respect evaporated when he appeared on national TV wearing a uniform that is a privilege to wear. He can appear as many times as he likes on TV dressed in a suit, clown outfit or as a panto cow, but when he wears a uniform he appears as a soldier. It's a disgrace to his unit.
  14. Agree 100%, why has this not happened? Can London Irish answer?