George S Pattons New Speech-Iraq & modern world (A Parody)

Note: This Video & speech is a pardody of the speech given in the movie 'Patton.' It uses flim clips from the movie and the voice in this new 'speech' closley resembles, the voice of George C. Scott, the actor who played Patton in the film!

IMHO, the message in this speech, is 'RIGHT ON!'

If Gen. Patton was here today, I'm sure he would have this message to all of us and much more! :wink:

Parody Video:

Speech from the movie 'Patton.'
If Patton hung around, between him and Curtis LeMay we'd have had nuclear armageddon in the 1960s and the cockroaches would be now running the show.
I,ve seen the patton film,"Lust for glory" which I thought was very good.
This parody is just what he would say if he was still around.


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