George Osborne under the lash......

I missread the title to this twice: Ossie on the lash? No. Ossie being lashed? Nah. As it happens, the potential denouement is even more , errr, entertaining. I can scarce wait.
Her tale of George's outsider status wrenched at my heart strings. How could any of us known the secret anguish of a St Paul's schoolboy, with nothing to look forward to in life but the inheritance of an Irish baronetcy?
She looks spaced out. I'd like to give her a more "startled" expression.


Book Reviewer
Silk Cut for fucks sakes. Typical Tory lightweight.
Did she nip out between sessions to change a certain former PM's nappy by any chance ;-)
So he used to do a bit of coke and shag slappers prior to being in public office and the problem is?