George Osborne rebuffed

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Robbeaus, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Apparently George, went cap in hand to the EU yesterday, to seek support for removing the cap on bankers bonuses. As a result of his personal intervention, he managed to convince nobody, that there was a case for his proposals.

    So the questions of the day considering that the EU proposals only effect approx 5,000 out of over 235,000 staff employed by banks. Those who trade and take risks with other people's money. Is,
    1. Has George lost the plot, considering the actual few numbers affected, and that he has far more important things to deal with, such as our headlong rush into a near certainty triple bounce recession, and
    2. Is this yet another example of the foolhardness of a posh boy who dosnt understand that milk comes in cartons these days rather than bottles?
  2. No. All this does is to spell out, to those who do not already know, exactly where the loyalties of the Tories really lie.
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  3. Even the swiss have gone for it thats right the gnomes of zurich dont like bankers much.
    George really doesnt get it.
    They really are a 3rd rate goverment.

    Brown was a disabled cretin brought up in land of savage cannibals see doomsday the documentary :)
    Dave and george had the finest up bringing money could buy obviously in breeding is the cause of there cretinous performance:)
  4. So the EU can now tell private companies what the private companies' own polices on pay, remuneration and reward are to be ?

    How nice.
  5. Whereas we should see it as a bunch of Belgians telling the UK how much people in the UK gets paid. Which is precisely none of their damn business, especially since their involvement in international finance consists of three blokes in Frankfurt with an even share on an abacus. Osborne is quite right to rebuff a law deliberately designed to screw London because the EU works on a Zero Sum Gain - jobs lost in London will benefit Paris, rather than the real world.
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  6. Please tell me that this is irony!
  7. ^ That.

    "Oh, it's only the Sundtenland; there are far more important things going on."
  8. Georgie Porgie was trying to look after the party's investors. Afterall they believe these 5000 odd 'elite' are responsible for Britain's wealth. Instead of trying to diversify our economy by introducing more manufacturing and farming they decided that they'd rather rely on these bwankers to pull us out of the shit. The conservatives believe that there is a trickle down from the top when it comes to wealth (this has been proved to be complete bollocks) and that looking after the 'elite' will help everyone.
    At least labour (I know, they are far from perfect) have come round to the idea that it is your everyday working bod that is the one that will drag us out the poo. And that the only way to achieve that is to get them to spend money.
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  9. Nothing to do with our Financial centre being much bigger than almost all of the EU's, and would become even more powerful if the Euro goes tits up.
  10. I'm a little puzzled how an EU-wide directive is going to benefit Paris. Bankers aren't going to move to another EU country because the same rules will apply, if they want larger bonuses then they will have to move outside the EU. However I'm fairly certain that banks, being companies who like to make as much profit as possible, will most likely seize upon the EU directive as an excuse to decrease their own bonus payments outside the EU. Either that or huge bonuses will be given in other ways.
  11. Yep. Stand by for an increase in self-employed banking staff who will effectively negotiate their own incentivisation agreements with the contractor.
  12. It does. Assisting those who create wealth rather than the dross who consume it.
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  13. How and how do we compete with the Far East in manufacturing or the America's in farming? Easy answer we can't heavy industry has now gone and is in the past.
    We now lead in Technology and Finance, they are not big employers but do generate large amounts of money.

    The Bankers you hate are the ones who will have to pay off our debts, so if you want to chase them off to NY, HK or Japan go ahead, the country will finally sink then.

    Using words like 'bwankers' make you look a ****.
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  14. Those would be the same 'wealth creators' from the USA and the UK who gambled away trillions and left the 'dross' to pick up the tab, would it?
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