George Monbiot

A pretty fair assessment of this shower of sh*te of a government in general and Blears in particular I think


that was a full on rant and a half, fair play to the bloke. unfortunately i dont think it will do any good, as it will be like water off a ducks back, they will look at it and say tough sh!t pal.
Whiskybreath I agree with you, but I would not hold my breath waiting for the next two words from him that I agree with.

Like Rod Liddle he is now complaining vociferously about the government and its policies that he for so long wished for.



Hazel Blears said:
Rebellion is not the basis for a progressive political outlook. Progressive politics is about trying to solve the problem, not complaining that someone else has failed to. It is about coming forward with practical ideas, in the knowledge that cynics will try to dismiss them. It is about being a participant, not merely an observer.

im pretty certain that as we live in a Democratic State we can be as cynical as we wish, but all im seeing here is a rant by a muppet on how dare she be slated when she is a "publically elected" member of parliament, if we dont like what she has done then someone else should do it.

if saying yes to the party and not standing up against the party is the right thing to do then fair enough. however sensible MP's like Robin Cook did the right thing and resigned in protest. im also pretty certain that a circus clown could do a better job than half of the idiots we currently have in government.

maybe im in the wrong job, i wonder how hard it could be to juggle while talking sh!t.
Thanks for the link to the Evil Gwar Dwarf's rant, Whiskybreath.

Had Blears been honest (assuming she might be capable of being such) she would have had to admit the only reason she is in her position now is that in these Politically Correct times she might well have sued the NuLab machine for being Dwarfist, Gwarist and Inadequate-ist (I am sure that there are many more -ists that would fit).

As with Whiskybreath, I don't hold much with Moonbat, but this time the words 'nail' and 'head' come to mind.

@L_L - at least a circus clown entertains people.

Plastic Yank

War Hero
have to be careful praising moonbat, as let's face it, when you talk about being cynically in it for yourself, well, ....

however, I do love watching these useless leftie f*kers eating themselves.

I did like the bit about Robin Cook as a man of true principle!! a useless, evil dwarf who was unable to get a grip with his job and jumped before pushed is a bit closer to the truth, but hey, he's a dead socialist, so we will only ever hear how great he is from the media!