George Michaels playlist

His song list is a minefield of innuendo and double entendre's. He must have had a premonition that he'd be banged up at some point, there's no other explaination for song titles like:

This Is Not Real Love


Waiting For That Day

You Know I Want To

Praying For Time

Anus Was Defiled (Jesus To A Child)

I'm Your Man

I Can ('t) Make You Love Me

Heal The Pain

Hand To Mouth (soon to be Ass To Mouth)

The problem with this is, he loves the cock, so it's not really going to be a hardship for him to be 'banged up' for a few weeks.
Father Figure - George Michael............ Kneel down my son and confess your sins whilst accepting your penistance!
Soap Bar - Goldie Lookin Chain............ Smoke it, or just bend down and pick it up in the showers.
Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd.......... All are welcome to George's dark side when he moons.
Rehab - Amy Winehouse........ "he said no, no nooooooooo! Oh go on then."
I like driving in my car - Madness.......... It actually is a Jaguar, but unfortunately I ploughed it into a shop whilst stoned off my tits.

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