George Henderson RIP

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that George Henderson has died.

George had been ill for some time and died last night, he was in his late 30s.

Many of you may have known him when he was a CMT and others after he became an ODP, he left the army after the initial Op Telic to spend more time with his family, a great bloke and will be missed.

RIP me old mucker.
RIP George,

I will remember the wind ups and food parcels forever buddy (Op Granby).

RIP - George

He was a larger than life character and will be missed by all. A very sombre day at work when this happened
Someone I argued with, drank with, fought with, partied with, managed, mis-managed, laughed with, felt sad with, went on Ops with, came home with.

Totally shocked and gutted - the Corps loses a good man too early.

George, you were at your best at 5 Armoured and just awesome on Granby.

God rest your soul mate and my deepest condolences to your family.

I trust your memory is toasted at this years P & P.
I for one am saddened by this news, I knew George well both as a CMT (Rinteln) and as an ODP. He was an excellent bloke and I know he'll be missed.........
You will be forever remembered by all those that knew you George. I am saddened by your death but relieved that your suffering is over.

The world has lost a decent bloke, a devoted Father, a very funny man and a superb ODP.

May you rest in peace.
Take it easy, George. Thanks for the opportunity to have known a top bloke.

Thoughts with the family.
Is this "Paddy" Henderson?

No George was a jock.
Thanks Filbert, thought he was a guy I knew.

Deepest Sympathy to Georges loved ones.
I briefly remember George when I was at 19 Fd Amb. I lived opposite him on the same corridor as noshame at Goojerat.

Nice chap. Always cheerful.

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