George Galloway

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tubbyboy, May 3, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone just seen the Galloway interview on ITN, I thought he was awful. He came across IMHO as an arrogant liar. He wouldn't answer any question at all. What a waste of rations. I wonder how few votes he'll get on the day?
  2. But the far left love him...
  3. It is hard to think of a better example of an arrsehole than mister galloway. Except when David Bowie didnt let me on stage to help him along with '5 Years'. Now that would be a good song to have when these twa*s get back in power.
  4. most of the far left can't stand him either
  5. So who does like him? Apart from himself obviously
  6. CNUT! :evil:
  7. Well, what about that professional Arab winning? He has got rid of a B Liar babe who would seem to have had a lot going for her. Foreign sounding name, black, female, Socialist. What more? Maybe a bit of a dark side as a bean flicker, a minor disability and a liking for whale singing would have helped. Instead they get someone who has split the Muslim vote and reduced their power. And this is democracy?
  8. Galloway is a weasel of the highest order
  9. Well, from the line up on stage at the end, it looked like he was the only native Brit there. Can't blame him for finding a niche in which to park his bum. Whether he's a good constituency MP is what'll matter there as he won't have any effect on national issues.
  10. I've seen, here and elsewhere, the accusation against this character that he's 'racist'. Looking at his website (, it's quite clear that he's both extreme left-wing and barking, but I can't find anything which would deserve him the 'racist' label anywhere. Blatant exploitation of the races and cultures of his constituents is obvious, but that's a different thing. Here's his stance on 'International' issues, from that site:

    Scary stuff, especially if you're a constituent and serving. I can't find, either, any coherent Defence policy other than:

    I suppose the scariest thing is that he won the vote, with 15,800 tallies.
  11. if i claim to be a lesbian trapped in a mans body can i have a new rifle
    and a smock to help my self esteem issuses:) . Bet the local imman didnt read that page .Man may be very clever still needs a punch in the face
  12. most of the urban 75 thing galloways and his party are facist muslim supporters who are only toadying up to the muslims because its a chance to get elected :roll: .
    the whole
  13. It reads like the worst example of 1980's Student Union "Dave Spartism" you could think of.

    People actually voted for this shite???
    Words fail me