George Galloway

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Devils advocate? Troublemaker? or Treacherous Bastard? and at about 8mins 30 secs, he starts to sound foreign (i know he's a jock), Arabic even??

  2. I thought you were going to announce that he was dead.
  3. He seemed to get bad press after being on Big Brother.
    What party does he represent now?
  4. He's awesome
  5. But you can't deny that he's absolutely right in what he says.

  6. Having met him he's still a ****
  7. If only... :roll:
  8. Have to agree. He's not afraid to stick two fingers up. There's no middle road though, you either love him or loathe him.
  9. And there was me hoping this was his obituary thread! Damn
  10. He's married to a palestinian.
  11. Fairly ambivalent towards him. He's entertaining when he tears into the Israelis and is effective at furthering the Palestinian cause so he's useful in that regard. Also when he tore the US Senate a new one.

    However I took a peek at his income recently and it's a bit rich of him to slag off the wealthy when he's raking in £100k a year for a radio show two nights a week!

    Also he recently divorced his Palestinian wife on the grounds of 'unreasonable behaviour' on his part and promptly shacked up with his former Lebanese researcher 20 years his junior, who he's just had a kid by.

    Champagne socialist, ladies man...I doubt the Faithful would be too impressed with that sort of behaviour...but he has his uses.
  12. I'm afraid Gorgeous George represents one person and one person only Gorgeous George, and why the people in whatever constituency he represents now ever voted for him god alone knows
  13. "He's married to a Palestinian" ........ That explains it.... He's gone native!
    It's happened to far more intelligent chaps than him ..... Think Foreign and C Office wallahs.
  14. Someone who's made a fortune through the exploitation of the suffering of others, a opportunistic sumbag who only retained his seat through targeting the vote of a youthful muslim-male heavy community that at the time just happened to be run by the only female Jewish MP in parliament, and the supporter of a terrorist organisation who's justification for its actions ran out in 2000.

    And don't worry PTP, these are opinions, all be they supported by the facts. :twisted:
  15. Kunt Kunt Kunt Kunt Kunt Kunt Shouted in a Bavarian accent

    I met this snipped off foreskin when I was rather small he reminded me of something I used to avoid after watching dogs finish their ablutions.