George Galloway, 'Respect' and Bradford West

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've just read about the landslide victory of Gorgeous George in Bradford. I do not wish to see ARRSE degenerating into a place where rabid anti-islamic frothing occurs, so thought I'd start a thread in CA rather than the NAAFI, as it's something which interests Soldiers who've spent so long recently in islamic countries, and seen their culture up close and personal.

    Anyway, what if anything does that mean for UK politics? Is it the emergence of the Muslim block vote as somethignt hat all parties will have to court? Or does it mean that a few constituencies, such as Bradford West, Hounslow, Bethnal Green, etc., are to be consigned to the fringes of politics? Is GG a dhimmi traitor to Britain, or the sensible man riding the crest of a wave of politically-astute moslem block voters? Was there a failure by Labour to work on their traditional 'ownership' of working-class muslim voters? Is the nation now home to millions of radically-right wing fanatics (for despite GG being an alleged 'socialist', there's nothing left-wing in islam!)

    Discuss, but no fothing now, you hear?

    The actual results:
    George Galloway, with the Respect party, won an overwhelming majority with 18,341 votes - 55.89 per cent - and a majority of 10,140 ballots.
    Labour's Imran Hussain, who went into the by-election as a firm favourite, secured 8,201 - 24.99 per cent.
    While the Conservatives' Jackie Whiteley came in third as predicted with 2,746, 8.37 per cent of the vote.
    Jeanette Sunderland, of the Liberal Democrats, came in fourth with 1,505 (4.59 per cent).
    UKIP's Sonja McNally closely followed in fifth place with 1,085 - 3.31 per cent of the vote.
    Dawud Islam, of the Green party, received 481 votes - 1.47 per cent.
    The Democratic Nationalist party's Neil Craig took 344 votes - 1.05 per cent
    Howling Laud Hope, of the Loony party received 111 - 0.34 per cent
  2. I would be of the opinion that electorates tend to get the representatives they deserve..........
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  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    It was bit of a surprise to wake up to this to be quite honest, Gorgeous George back in Westminster again, hmmmm....

    Should brighten up a mediocre House of Commons no end.

    Nice to see the old guard given the bums rush though, long may it continue.
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  4. In the last year or so Bradford has suffered an economic crisis many time worse that the rest of the country. Youth unemployment now in the high thirty percentage points and in this year alone I believe about thirty-three per cent of council workers got the boot in this public sector heavy area. It is in pretty extreme trouble.

    A very good friend is a bobby in W.York' Po Po and he assures me the reality is; it is an exclave of Pakistan bank rolled with benefits, there exists a serious desire to integrate more islamic law into the operation of the community because the values of British law are seen as morally illegitimate, there is a distrust of the police as agents of the 'crusader' government and there is a siege mentality on the cultural level.

    When you have a population like that of Bradford West whose fundamental values are starkly different from those of the majority of the nation expect to see them sending people like GG to represent their interests.
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  5. It's a divisive result and I think it tells us a great deal about how the average Muslim feels. George is their respectable Sockpuppet.

    I find this result to have far reaching ramifications. It's a result that lays bare the utter failure of Labour's multicultural policies and can only encourage the ghetto-isation of the UK.

    This is a very frightening turn of affairs.
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  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Of course, it won't be long before allegations of massive electoral fraud surface. It will be interesting to see how many postal and/or proxy votes were cast, how many dead people exercised their democratic rights, etc etc.
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  7. Have to say that was the first thing that went through my mine when Sky were talking about how he swept the postal vote. So that will be the forty Mr Khans living in a one bedroom flat will it?
  8. Galloway's description of the result as the "Bradford Spring" should leave no doubt about his target demographic and the divisive, sectarian agenda he will pursue. A vision of the future, perhaps?
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  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ah, but who would dare investigate - I am informed by someone who lives there that there are parts of that constituency where the police simply do not go, and that are 'policed' by locals? And would anything come of it if they were to? Are the Yorkshire plod up to the job (by that I mean would the top coppers countenace such a move)? More questions to answer.

    Like it or no, we now have a populist muslim MP, elected on a no-nonsense platform - troops out of Afghanistan, anti-Israel (more simply, anti-semite) and pro-Sharia. Interesting times...
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  10. Galloway like it or not is a clever bloke and since his expulsion from the Labour party, he 's made a career out of controversial politics by courting the muslim electorate in this country. I don't know exactly what happened in Bradford during the campaigning but I suspect that his respect party flooded the constituency with workers to pursuade voters to support him. They would probably have come from East London, Birmingham and of course from Bradford itself. With enough support on the ground, you can have a very significant effect on voters. I've seen the Lib Dems do it to Labour in Brent central in the past.

    What does it mean for Parliament and the country? Precisely nothing really. He's a mouthpiece without any support from anybody else in Parliament. He will be treated with disdain by the tories and he will no doubt be villified by Labour. There is no respect parliamentary party machine to support him. He won't be able to count on the support of any colleagues. All he's got is his expensive suits, his cigars, those bits of the media who find him useful to sell papers and himself.

    I hope his constituents are not expecting great results and life changing laws to help them to a better life from George because they are going to be very disapointed. He will be able to write letters to people demanding they listen to him as an MP and he can stand up and make a speech in the finest traditions of the house but that's about it.

    In the not to distant future, people will find out that it's really just all about George. Then he will be gone...... Again!
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  11. It's my opinion that GG is an opportunist (as with most politicians) who'll say whatever he has to say in order to garner votes from a supposedly disenfranchised minority group.
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  12. Lets see how he splits his Parliamentary/ Constituency/off on some self publicising visit, time.
    On a lighter note ,It would be nice if he did his swearing in wearing that catsuit !
  13. I wonder if he will give up he status as an Iranian government employee at Press TV now he is a British Parliamentarian.
  14. Certainly a fantastic BNP, EDL, CxF recruitment tool.
  15. Does UK allow muslims to vote while wearing a burka? I would think that old Mr Khan voted as 15 different wives, while his 5 wives voted as 30 different women. Surely nobody would dare demand to see their face? While irrelevant, Galloway and his constituents are still disgusting.