George Galloway on Sky News.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by DadTo4Witches, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. While watching Sky News this evening, i was struck by how much George Galloway seems to be changing his image. There seems to be a new beard on the way and a different inflection in his usual scottish accent and while i remember, with regard to the latest terrorist plot, the news stated this morning that a number of "BRITISH MUSLIMS" had been detained in connection with the plot. Surely they must have got this wrong ?? They must have meant that a number of "MUSLIMS THAT RESIDE IN BRITAIN" have been detained, because whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Jedi or otherwise, this would not be the kind of thing you would be doing if you were truly British. :D :D :D
  2. I would interpret British Muslims as British citizens who are Muslims. Pretty self-explanatory really. Just because someone does something non-British doesn't mean they automatically have their citizenship removed. This isn't the middle ages when people were banished.

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I have to beg to differ I think we are in a new middle ages (have had discussions on this over the years). I personally think that could be a good thing, high literacy no need for a rennaissance. Then again....
  4. The only purpose I can see that Gorgeous George serves (apart from his own) is entertainment value.

    Purr on pussy George you wombat.

  5. :x TREE HUGGER :p
  6. I think Banishment would be a cracking punishment. People forced to wander the world with no right of residence. That'll learn em to abuse the country of their birth! see how they like it in the rest fo the world!
  7. Yeah, you could send them to Madagascar, or even better Belsen.

    N.B pogrom is spelt 'om' for when you start the leaflet campaign :roll:

    (The rolling eyes emoticon isn't what it once was.)
  8. That's right I'm a tree hugging, save the whales, loony liberal! When I'm not posting on arrse I'm campaigning for paedophiles rights and early release for serial killers.

    Why is it that just because you don't think that all Muslims should be locked up / deported / executed that you are suddenly a tree hugger.
  9. I cant believe you campaign for paedophiles rights! :D
  10. I should have known that sarcasm is completely wasted on an ignoramus. :roll:
  11. Fuckoff you thick nobber.
  12. Who? Me or DadTo4Witches?
  13. Calm it down lads! Keep it civil eh? Would i be wrong in saying that all extremists should hang??? I dont think i would, people argue that even though they are tw*ts they are still British, would i be also be right in saying they dont even want to be British but a son of Islamabad or whatever the hell they kill themselves and true brits for????? Ithink exile would be amazing nowadays, send them back to the society they so much admire, im sure they wont have a problem with that!
  14. I'd like to see a band of British Muslims kick the living sh*t out of Galloway,and then see the BNP hang him from the nearest lamppost.Then both sets of Brits walk off to the nearest pub for a pint and a chinwag.

    Multiculturely speaking that is.
  15. Hey! We're people too!