George Galloway on Question Time now!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BarryBuddon, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. This should be good, George Galloway on Newsnight now.
  2. This man is a total utter and complete Cnut, who makes my fur crawl. He requires posting to Afghanistan as a mobile Fig.11 Target will run and fall when hit (by eithere side)
  3. He should be made to do a six month trip of 'bog wog'!
  4. I loathe Galloway and everything he stands for and it really grips me how he sits there spouting his s*it and this bunch of performing seals clap.

    I'm going now I'm outraged.
  5. He is just annoyed, Polititians look after their own ideology and risk others to do it, whereas as proved today The Royal Family look after the country and risk themselves.

    Her Maj and her brood 1
    Lefty anti war polititans 0

    Galloway is just a bad loser
  6. Glad:

    a. I'm out of the country, and

    b. He'll be gone at the next election
  7. Fink our friend george should go to the stan and say that there is no enemy - and see how long it takes him to take cover from incoming
  8. I wouldn't bet on it. George has stated that he wants to revive the hard left in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Socialists have collapsed. Solidarity, Tommy Sheridan's vanity party, will collapse when Tommy goes to jail.

    This will leave George well placed to, ahem, fill the void. He won't be jumping off the gravy train any time soon.
  9. That overwieght soap dodger saluting Galloway's ideftigablility at the end was unbelievable!!
  10. what an arrse hole! and that Idiot at the end!! indefaticable like hell grrrrr
  11. is watching QT later likely to engage an overload my outrage meter ?
  12. OH YES.....
  13. for those of us who did not watch it, what did the c*nt have to say for himself?
  14. He`s just a little pussy cat.........!
  15. David cameron tried a "hug a hoodie" Galloway should try putting himself into a "hug a taliban" situation, by advancing through a mine field.