George Galloway MP Video made by British Union of Fascists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Galloway is a cnut but these guys are worse.
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Its that Alexi Sale 'avin a larf innit?

    I only listened to about half of this stumbling cak and none of it sounded actionable. Which is just as well for Mockney Boy since his Secret Squirrel mirror shades provide an IDable image of the room he's sitting in and the voice print would be over 98% accurate one would imagine.
  3. These people really do my head in. Firstly, he can barely string a sentence together, when he does its almost intelligible.

    How can he be a patriot when he can't even speak English?

    I swear its Bethnal Green and not Befnal Green?
  4. Bless him, he's not very bright is he?
    What a cnut.
  5. The "man" has obviously sustained a knock or two to the bonce at some time or other, but let's face it, any group that nominates someone like this (and the inarticulate mongs who are the face of the BNP are no better) cannot be the sharpest tools in the shed either.

  6. What a nightmare 'anti non-muslim' wtf is that all about.

    An idiot talking about an idiot.
  7. I thought the line after the oppening "Hello George" was going to be "Gotta new mota!" The greatest thing about these nutters is that when they post this crap we can see exactly what nobbers they are.
  8. I wish this cnut would come down Parkhead with his Orange mates.
  9. What would you be doing at Parkhead?
  10. Watching Celtic of course!
  11. So you're a Glasgwegian then are you? Guess that would explain the Man Utd Avatar.... 8O

    P.S. and the location given as Cheshire...fcukin hell you live in the same county as me, quite a way from Parkhead?...why not pop down to LOL 375 and have a brew sometime??
  12. No expense spent.
  13. Born and bred. Always been a United fan but Celtic were my boyhood team and i've still a soft spot for them.

    Sorry mate, i've too many enemies on here to meet people. Sad but true!

    A hail hail to you though!
  14. Why is that do you think ?