George Galloway "may have known" of improper donations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by legal_eagle, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. He may have known

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  2. He didn't know

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  1. The Charity Commission have stated Galloway may have known that contributions to his campaign against Iraq sanctions were "improper".

    Fresh allegation for Gorgeous George to answer!,,30100-1269562,00.html

    N.B. Remember how litigious he is and ARRSE's ISP are liable for any defamatory comments - use of the word "allegedly" strongly advised!

    Do we think he knew??
  2. So there are 2 questions here

    1. Did "improper donations" take place?
    2. If yes, then was mr.Galloway aware about it?

    Without answer to the first question the second one is senseless. So from my point of view the poll is incorrect.
  3. 'Gorgeous George' has been at the centre of allegations of various allegations of wrongdoing or questionable behaviour before; how he manages to carry on regardless is beyond me.

    One must salute his indefatigability, I suppose.
  4. It does seem bizarre that any one would even consider voting for him, but then I guess we have to look where he gets his mandate. While those of us who have English as a first language find most of what he says laughable, if not offensive, recent incomers and those with only a basic grasp of the language may be persuaded that he has a point.

    He never struck me as the sort of bloke to be tortured by self-doubt, either.
  5. Wouldn't it just be fantastic though if, after all his self-righteous crap, they nailed him for some sort of impropriety!

    However I agree with VB and I also salute his indefatigability lol!
  6. Galloway was always a virulent critic of Blair's "legacy" war in Iraq, especially when the rest were flocking round the PM brimming with anti-Saddam righteousness. They tried and tried to stitch up Galloway and you may remember the so-called evidence that was published by the Times, showing him allegedly getting illegal payments in oil. It was proved to be a hoax with the specific intent to ruin him. They failed, despite their efforts, and Galloway stood up in the USA and ripped them apart. He said "yes I met Saddam, but so did Rumsfeld ... and Rummy sold him arms". Galloway is a preening, arrogant gobshite and his constant preaching can get irritating, but the man has integrity and principles. I don't think he's seriously at fault in the matter. I think his TalkSport radio show is brilliant.
  7. What particular bits are laughable/offensive?
  8. :D
  9. Praising Saddam's "indefatigability", for a start.
  10. So somebody went along and praised a despotic, murderous dictator, eh? Well, that's a first, isn't it?

    The fact that Galloway is a real thorn in the side of Phoney Tony and the rest of his slimy breed means that he's been more carefully investigated than most. Nothing was found.

    Self-serving and limelight-seeking he may be, but in contrast to all the rest of the corrupt and loathsome shites, he really does have a few principles. He's one of the very few MPs who've constantly voted against any increase in MPs' salaries and he also voted against the exemption of MPs from the FOI Act. The latter alone means he's either got nothing to hide, or he's much better than average than hiding it.

    In fact, I think he'd make a very good UK Pry Minister.

  11. He hasn't been found guilty of anything yet, on the other hand why is it that our glorious leaders have tried to cover up backhanders to Saudi Princes?

    You have to ask yourself who really is hiding what.
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Also he hates Gerry Adams ;) My wife was having tea with him on the terrace in Parliament, when Mr. Adams walked passed, and my wife said George was almost spitting through his teeth.
  13. ..and this story breaks on a Murdoch Media Enterprises organ?

    How very convenient , and on a Friday too. The Cash for Honours case must be making progress.

    Has it been proven beyond doubt , or is this on the "balance of probabilites"?

    Not one penny of the Maryam appeal has ever been found to have been used improperly.

    Why is there this obsession with trying to prove that Galloway knew money was coming from Saddam?

    Billions of dollars trousered by various corrupt entities since 2003 , but everyone's attention turns to whether or not Galloway knew that money to help an appeal for sick and injured Iraqi children was coming from the evil hand of Saddam hisownself?

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Legal Eagle , your poll edited. Try not to weight it so obviously next time.
  14. What does it really matter where the money came from?

    The people who benefited in the end were some hard-up people.

    I agree that Galloway is a gobshite, but at least someone benefited who needed it.