George Galloway laugthing at Iran 8

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chiefwiggum, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. I can't understand his mentality. If he likes these countries so much, why doesn't he fcuk off and go live there? I'm sure the Iranians would welcome him with open arms.
  2. I've met one of the guys involved, I would pay good money to see the mess of Galloway once he'd finished with him. I'm just glad they're home safely. We put men (and women) in harm's way, it's just a shame the politicians can't see what people have to endure, without choice, in their name.

    Anyone got Galloway's home address, see if he can survive a bit of interogation?
  3. I watched the sneering cnut on The Wright Show yesterday, on one of his usual monthly 'Look at me I'm still here' jaunts . I have too say he dis'ny wind me up. He is, and always has been, a pathetic, cartoonesque, attention seeker. He's got fcuk all to say thats of any importance and if it was'ny for the fact that in this country we have a whole lot of numpty's that would vote Labour even if the devil himslf were the candidate you'd never have heard of him.

    The cnuts a joke, dinny let him wind ye, thats exactly what he's trying to do. Irelevant bufoon.

    Ubique tu bastardo !!!
  4. Fair point big yin!

    It's worse here in weggieland though A_S, the devil does wear a red rosette!!! He's has many guises from the likes of the Rosie 'Ah canny take it" Cane to the charms of Mr Tangerine man Sheridan. Now he's a top bloke, makes Galloway look like a secondary target!
  5. Is George Galloway in 'bernoulli's' mass grave? If not he should be!
  6. Yeah , i think he's going in trench 6 row D. :)

  7. For sure, for sure Fishy. But I'm no having a pop at the Labour party particularly, it's this feckin Scottish attitude of 'Well a vote Labour'cos we've aye voted Labour' and 'Well a ken the Labour boys a cnut, but at least he's no a Tory' FFS. Labour have held the main power up here for generations and what a cnut they've made o'that. Specially in your neck o'the woods.

    It's similar thing in the Borders where I'm from. They're conservative wi' a small c and would'ny go for Labour but they canny stomach the local Tories (shades of the Landed Gentry etc) so they put up with the Libs FFS. It's only because of the Borders support for the pink pansy party that the little dwarfy tw*t David Steel (sorry, Sir feckin David) ever appeared on the polical radar. And whats he done in his career ? Little tw*t went from 'who the fecks he ?' to 'elder statesman' without doing anything. First presiding officer blah, blah fcuk !!!

    I used to be a Nat 'cos it fitted in wi' FEB baiting and the folk scene and then we were allowed a close up look at the lot o the feckers wi' devolution !!!!! Hells teeth, the SNP's maybe now gonna be led by a nippy, sweetie little ex-solictor tart that canny even get herself voted into a seat. List candidate for feckin Govan !!! FFS. It's all gone to hell in a feckin handbag I tell ye !!

    Still, come October it'll no bother me, because, come the month a'm aff tae bide in .............

    PORTUGAL !!!!! YEE HAW !!!!

    Ubique tu bastardo !!
  8. Just goes to show that we live in a country where d1ckheads have the right to sprout complete rubbish in freedom.

    We also have the write to reply to his gibberish - you too can send him an e-mail via the House of Commons at:

    :twisted: :twisted:
  9. FYI, this is the text of the e-mail I sent:

    I must protest at your crass comments on the Matthew Wright show. You ridicule men you carry out a far more honourable profession than that of a politician.

    IMO it just redoubles my impression that you and all other politicans are intolerable prats. Blair committed our forces to a crusade based on a tissue of lies yet you do not have the decency to support men carrying out a difficult task in even more difficult circumstances.

    You are a self publicist and do not deserve any respect!
  10. Mate pop away at the labour party, there'll be no complaints fae me! I was merely observing the depths to which Scottish politics have plummeted since since the advent of the new hame fur the coocilirs wasn't built! Shower oh sh*tes the lot oh them!

    I don't think the balance of power has shifted in Glasgow for about 40 years I would feel the urge to check if I knew the answer wasn't going to lead to a self administered Dr Browning's 9mm injection to the temple!

    My only saving grace is my hoose doesn't fall within the city boundary (watch my OPSEC there) so I am not liable to the HUGE did I say HUGE, I meant HUGE taxes applicable to the city to support the great unwashed for which my fair city is so famed.

    Never been a nat, although the point about FEB baiting is well made, but at least she has some balls about her, not like some of the wee croonies that seem to be scattered from Aberdeen to well the border that bend to every corrupt whim of whomsoever got the power this week.

    Man that feels better!!!
  11. Oh if only...:D

    (I know it's old and been posted before - but I still love it!)

    More George G'allah'way nonsense later, folks! :D
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:.....'kin brill.......PMSL :lol: :lol:

    George Galloway, Scottish born and bred, dunnit make yer breast swell wi' pride !!! :lol:

    Talking aboot breasts (and tits), has that new pictur o'MB appeared yet !!!

    Ubique tu bastardo !!!

  13. 8O Fcuk, forgot the tw*t had a pad in the Algarve. Need to look him when I get there. For a wee blether. So t'sort of speak !!! :twisted:

    Ubique tu bastardo !!!

  14. Yea just appeared......Damm I'm going to have to get the laminater back out :wink: :wink: