George Galloway features in Anti war music video

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Galloway is a loudmouthed git. But he's principled and very articulate. His radio show on Talksport is awesome. I would vote for him.
  2. Having listened to his show on talksport several times now, there's no doubt the man is articulate. However, well dare anyone call in to provide a counterpoint to whatever high horse he has jumped on for that show. His debating style borders on the bullying of callers who dare disagree with him.
  3. Can't say I've heard it, but if he comes anywhere near the great man, Allan Beswick from Red Rose Radio of years gone by, then he's doing great. Beswick used to wipe the floor with fools, and engage in excellent interplay with the occasional intelligent listener who dared to ring in. I do miss that show.
  4. Unfortunately that link doesn't work on my primitive machine. The thing with Galloway, as my mate put it, is, "He is extremely charimatic, but one must constantly remind oneself that one doesn't agree with everything he says".

    ......... but I did once vote for Scargill's party.
  5. Sorry, but I don't see any redeeming qualities in the man and it's not just because I disagree with his politics. He's cringing, self-serving, arrogant and how can anyone forget the comments he made about British troops back in 2003. Whether you agree with the Iraq war or not, it's unforgiveable behaviour on the part of an elected representative not to support his/her country's troops.
  6., basically Gorgeous George is an articulate traitor ?
  7. I think the man is disgusting. I really cannot sum up any other words to describe him.

    I once wrote him an email, after seeing a clip of him talking on some Middle Eastern TV program (that was posted on here), telling him he was disgusting, vulgar and a threat to democracy and everything it stood for.

    His reply - a million thank-yous from around the world, including Jews, prove me wrong.

  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Ahhh, now THAT reminds me of my youth, I can still hear the jingle...

    RED ROSE Radioooooo
  9. Is Una King going to try to take back her old constituency? It would be interesting to see what happens if she stands against him. reveals that he has only turned up for 14% of parliamentary votes. Despite this he manages to claim the highest level of 'additional expenses' of any MP, even while his blossoming media career earns him over 250,000 quid a year.

    A true man of the people. Even I'd vote for Una at the next election and I thought the poll tax was a good idea.
  10. Going a bit off subject now but I always remember a lady who called in and asked Beswick whether he had any friends.

    He replied he didn't.

    'So who do you talk to when you're not on the radio?'

    Beswick 'I don't wish to talk when I'm not on the radio. I talk for money'

    'So you've got no friends then?'

    'No, and I'm glad about that. I can't be doing with friends coming round yer 'ouse, eating yer food, drinking yer beer. There's nothing nicer than being alone. People are horrendous. They clutter up your breathing space'.

    The poor woman didn't get the joke, and rang off thinking he was a sad lonely individual who prostituted himself each night into the early hours, talking for money before returning to his hidey hole in some godforsaken bedsit.
  11. Tune into George Galloway on Talksport 10pm -1.00 am Fri,Sat Sun
    Listen to what he has to say.He has a great show and really good topics of conversation.Don't judge him in what the RED TOPS and other papers say about him, he is :numberone: MY kind of guy who speaks his mind.
  12. I can help there, four letters, begins with a 'c'.