George Galloway faces expulsion from labour party at last

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Oct 21, 2003.

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  1. The traitor Galloway may at last be expelled, according to the Independent:

    Note that this is the local constituency party; Tony Bliar failed completely to act.

    According to Metro (free paper in cities), Galloway spoke to a Muslim rally in Canada yesterday and called the war in Iraq a 'racist act', and the WMD thing 'the biggest lie in all history' (well, he's in Bliar's party, so he should know.

    This cnut should definately be charged with treason and then sent for a short holiday with a unit of the British Army.
  2. No doubt he is utterly unsavoury

    However, is there any news on his libel action with "The Telegraph"?

    Or has there been a quiet out of court thingy?

    He may be a cnut, but he's a brave one, that stands by his opinions, no matter how misguided
  3. I would never stand up for this anus, but there is one thing about Galloway yopu have to admire, and that is he is standing up for his convictions. Not so long ago we had MP's and politicians who 'seemed' to be idealistic and principled, instead of the lying cnuts we have now.

    Fcking pity it had to be such a cnut that showed politicians could stand up for what they believe in :(
  4. I'd still be tempted to string him up from the handiest lamp column!

  5. Expelled for his criticism of the war in Iraq?

    Guess he won't be the last Labour MP to get his P45 , if it's as simple as that

    So next George gets deselected, then he runs as an independant for Kelvinside. he landslides and returns to parliament, with a big old fcuk off axe to grind.

    Yep, great decision :)
  6. Now for his expulsion from Parliament and then the country-if he is so fond of Iraq then let him go and live there.

    I still firmly believe he should have been charged with incitement to mutiny over his comments about soldiers not obeying orders.

    He is and should be treated as a traitor. I certainly wouldn't like to be in his shoes if he ever finds himself in a squaddie pub.
  7. As an elected MP isn't he supposed to stand up for the views of the majority of his constituency, and not his own misguided bigoted view?
  8. if he stands as an independent and loses (likely due to glasgow boundary changes, by coincidence his constituency was being wound up anyway.....hmmmm)

    he will merely retire to a life of relative luxury in CUBA with Fidels patronage.

    he has a large holiday home there.

    and tarts and ceegars on tap....provided by the Party.

    typical ultra-socialist. equality for the masses. perks for the elite.i dont know why he doesnt get on better with tony and the islington set.they have the same values.
  9. i have only a few words to say abut galloway .................KILL HIM ! SLOWLY :twisted:
  10. I know how you feel, and i do agree, but just how can you agree with this, but at the same time agree with Bliar for sending the troops out to die on a lie? Blair lied, it's a load of bollocks that he had intelligence; if the intelligence was real and credible, as he said it was, why hasn't it been vindicated?

    I hate Galloway for what he did and said, and I hate Bliar for what he said and did; they're both as bad as each other coming from different ends, but Galloway seems to be the only one targeted.

    Hang galloway by all means, but save the rope for Blair.
  11. In this world of spin how do we know what is the truth?............Because your mum said so?...Unlikely.

    You have to give it to him [Galloway], he stood up for what he believed in.
    He isn't the first, remember the militants in the early 80's, Hatton et al?

    Bliar and his cronies with their sycpophantic smiles have tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes, do the Labour Party think that the country will blindly follow this mantra?
    Following good old Uncle Sam? War is money. There are people sitting in the wings reaping the benefits.
    As tax payers we are paying for it. A blank cheque from Gordon Brown to fund GW2!!!! So why cant he write a blank cheque for the NHS or Schools or better pay for public sector workers?