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Just when you thought this tosser couldnt sink any lower.....

Londoners have paid the price for Iraq and Afghanistan, says George Galloway.
The Respect MP, whose Bethnal Green and Bow constituency includes the site of at least one of the bomb attacks, said the attacks were "despicable".

But he told MPs it was the US-led coalition's actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo which had inflamed hatred of the West in the Muslim world.

In response, minister Adam Ingram accused Mr Galloway of "dipping his poisonous tongue in a pool of blood".

The armed forces minister added that Mr Galloway's comments were "disgraceful".

Same mistakes?

Earlier Mr Galloway said he was absolutely clear the bombings had been carried out by Islamic extremists inspired by Osama Bin Laden's world outlook.

He argued that the bombings had not come out of the "clear blue sky" - the background was the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, photographs of abuses by US troops at Abu Ghraib prison and the continuing confinement of people by America at Guantanamo.

Mr Galloway said the West was in danger of making the same mistakes over and over again, continuing with "war and occupation as the principal instrument of our foreign and defence policy".

He added: "And if we do then some people will get through and hurt us as they have hurt us today."

Paid the price?

Mr Galloway who was expelled from the Labour Party over his outspoken comments on the Iraq war, linked the deaths of people in London to the deaths of those in Falluja at the hands of coalition forces.

Earlier, in a statement, the MP said: "The loss of innocent lives, whether in this country or Iraq, is precisely the result of a world that has become a less safe and peaceful place in recent years.

"We have worked without rest to remove the causes of such violence from our world.

"We argued, as did the security services in this country, that the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq would increase the threat of terrorist attack in Britain.

"Tragically Londoners have now paid the price of the government ignoring such warnings."

He urged the government to remove people in the UK from "harm's way" by ending the occupation of Iraq and focusing on finding a real solution to conflicts in the Middle East.

Downing Street declined to comment on Mr Galloway's comments.
Mr Galloway is absolutely correct that the bombings were is all killing of innocent people, no matter what the apparent justification
What an idiot. As per usual his remark are useless and unneeded. If he hates the way the UK has follow through with the war campaign and loves Iraq so much - why doesn't he p1ss off there.
reassuringly_badgers said:
I just had to pinch myself. Am I dreaming? The death penalty can still be applied to treason I do beleive......
Unfortunately, IIRC it was abolished for all crimes about 5 years ago. Would locking him up in a small concrete box for the rest of his life suffice?
Failing that, I believe the legislation to allow conscription is still on the statute books somewhere, and MPs are not exempt. I'm sure we could find somewhere appropriate to send him...
Other than expressing an opinion different to the all powerful Tony ,what exactly has george galloway done that could be called treason? If you can show me then i'll be more than happy to join your lynching party, but please don't base your proof on some sensationalist speculation you read in the Sun.Gentlemen, facts win arguments. standing by - out !!
I don't read the Sun Moogee, - but you must admit his timing is particularly bad - for that alone he needs shooting.
its not so much what was said for me, but the inference that its our own fault i think. the man is scum as far as i'm concerned and i've felt that way for as long as i can remember. he is a virus and a poisonous tongued idiot! maybe he's a better east london candidate that oona ever was (in some peoples opinion, not one i can quantify not knowing enough about her) but he was always gonna stand up and spout something, like radical dreamer, i was waiting for it!
whoever is responsible, the only fact we know for sure at the minute is that they are murderous cowardly scum
the notoriously litigious mr.galloway would jump at the chance to dispute in a courtroom any claims members of arrse might make on here, and he has an annoying habit of winning.

however even if i do have a sneaking admiration for his sheer affrontery and contempt for blair, his opinions are bollox and his timing is disgraceful.

and so was red kens quivering lip performance(crocodile tears ken?) were one of the first to invite g.adams esq and m.mcguiness esq to the house of commons.


Book Reviewer
AS I have said on many a previous thread involving this scrote, if he is that supportive of the 'Iraqi People' now (as opposed to when they were ruled by his pal Saddam) then why doesn't he go back there?

Easy answer - most Iraqis only know two Brit politicians. One is T Blair, whom they mostly like. The other is GG, and it's fair to say he'd get an interesting reception from most of the populace....

Give this vile excuse for a man a one-way ticket, pronto.

I'd love to be there with a camera when the Iraqis get hold of him. They were remarkably good at meting out swift justice to the other Baa'thists :)

Mr Happy

I've just heard an opinion in a bar from an Englishman:
Galloway is right, what he says was and has been born out to be true and whilst not especially palatable is never-the-less an example of cause and effect. Just be glad it is was not a WMD
It seems a fair opinion to me, however unpalatable.
Galloway is an irrelevance. History has passed him by, and waved a not particularly affectionate adieu.

There will always be extremist, dishonourable, tyrant supporting, fellow travellers like him. He is an individual of little merit, and smaller consequence, who manipulates his way into the popular press and liberal media to get a platform for his hate. He, and his like crave attention and, to our shame will always get it.

He despises the society that bred him. He is eaten up with envy and self-loathing. His simplistic analysis and uninformed barracking are the hallmark of lazy polemicists across the land.

We should mock him with the alacrity with which he mocks us. The British will have the last laugh. Liberty, dignity and humanity will always prevail over slavery, indecency and cruelty.

So be of good heart those who support the Arsse! We have history, society and intellect on our side. What can stop us!
It would appear that those who ask for mr galloway's head are expressing the kind of extremist views they are citing him for. I will agree with all those who said GC's timing is bad - it is shocking and whollly inappropriate for him to be making these comments at this time. Bad timing however does not mean that what he says should be immediately regarded as wrong. I hope we're not going to fall into the American trap of making Iraq and terrorism the same thing. There is simply no connection between the previous(and barbaric ) regime of Iraq and Al Qu'eda. I know at a time like this we need someone to blame, but let's be British and do the right thing in slow time and not the wrong thing in quick time !!!
Hope people understand what i'm trying to say!!
To stir the pot a bit:

Think about what Mr G. is saying:
'You've upset a few extremists by invading Afganistan, Iraq, etc.' Can't argue with that.
'They're going to want to hit us back'. Can't argue with that either.
Not right, not wrong, just understandable.
He's wrong however in suggesting that a pull out is the solution, and his timing is awful.

If we live in a democracy and our elected leaders make a decision, then we are all to an extent responsible for that decision, that is what being in a democracy's all about. We must share the consequenses.

I don't like Tony Blair, I don't trust Tony bLiar, but the majority of the people in this country do, and that's much more important.

So good for you Mr Galloway, get up on your platform and spout your stuff. I hope that you upset a few people.

Whoa, Calm down.....
But I still mean what I say.
Lower than shark' s hit. Ignore the horrible little man and let him fade away. If he gets under your skin he and his ilk see it as some perverse kind of a win. Let it go and he and his type drop off.
Yes, I agree, comment of mr.Galloway is at least tactless. Really it is cynical. To speak about cause (even if it is a bitter truth) is humiliation. According to Russian tradition only condoleces (and I repeat then, I understand your pain) are permittable is time then blood of victims is still warm. Another attitude is a blasphemy.

Maybe now you can understand how words of Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot about Beslan were regarded in Russia

In a statement on behalf of EU foreign ministers, Mr Bot had said the EU would like to know from the authorities how the tragedy could have happened.

That sentence has now been deleted from the official statement after a furious response from Russia.
I hope mr.Bot would not repeat his request to mr.Blair, who now should perform immediate actions to freeze any activity of Islamist organisations. And nation should should be united under his leadership (even if you don't like him).
Galloway couldn't have a worse time. When you think he's hit the bottom ground, he finds new ways to break it and sink even lower. Good Lord...

KGB: Any person with a drop of morality or common sense would not pick this time to throw political attacks around. It is irrelevant to tradition and has a lot more to do with decency and self-respect. Galloway, unfortunately, lacks both.

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