George Galloway - A Protest

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by choff, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Having read an earlier thread about the latest ramblings of Mr Galloway and his role in a recent protest about British Forces in Iraq I reckon we, the members of ARRSE, should mount out own protest here.

    Mr Galloway I object to you. Generally speaking the inane ramblings of a nano celebrity/MP are of supreme indifference to me but your latest ramblings about something of which you have no comprehension make me sick.

    You preach hate, you preach and sanction the murder of those you, allegedly, represent. You are entitled to vent your opinion and I have to respect that but your ill informed drivel is offensive and I hereby invoke my right to protest about your protest.

    You are a disgrace to all members of HM forces, you are elected into a position of power, onto a road which may, ultimately, put you in charge of soldiers and this I cannot accept. You seem intent upon campaigning for the rights of fringe groups, for those who are not even members of the glorious British populous who voted you into power in the first place.

    I put it to you that, in order to understand those which you deride and sanction attacks upon, you should take a trip to Iraq or Afghanistan and spend a day on the ground with an infantryman, someone who pays taxes unlike your recent followers I would imagine, and then return to the UK and continue ranting your vicious rhetoric in good conscience.

    Does anyone have an official address for Mr Galloway? I would actually like to write to him.


    "I don't vote for politicians anymore, it just encourages them"
  2. Choff
    You are correct on so many levels, but i do belive there is nothing we can do, short of slotting the tit, to him. The scum started a campaign to get him kicked out of office after the CBB 'cat' incident, thousands sent off the petition, myself included. sum total. cuff all.

    needs a round to the head
  3. :x The nasty pretend Oil man, a top class creep. :x
  4. He has a radio phone in on Talk Sport (1053 -1089 am) on friday and saturday evenings, try and give him a bell, not to sure if you will get on, unless your a follower though, but some do.

  5. Please don't say you represent arrse when writing to the House of Commons or any other body for that matter
  6. I represent nobody other than myself, I plan not to even mention my job. I am only toying with the idea and even if I do it, all I am doing is utilising my right to voice my opinion as a member fo the state, nothing more.

    Credit me with a little sense MDN
  7. Choff, I do credit most with sense, but from experience, there are plenty who use these boards who don't think before they lick stamps.

    Wasn't aimed at you, was aimed at those who think 'Oooh thats a good idea' and start ranting without knowing the facts, Fayed being the last time.
  8. Why would anyone take him seriously anyway?

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  9. Good luck getting hold of him.

    One of the newspapers did a 'Where's George?' piece recently. He rarely replies to correspondence. Given that he averages 3 days a month in Parliament that's perhaps not surprising. According to, he hasn't participated in any parliamentary business since the end of July.

    His 'constituency office' seems to consist of an answering machine and he routinely fails to turn up for surgeries, often leaving constituents who want to see him standing about outside a locked office.

    Perhaps his lack of interest in his Parliamentary duties is explained by the number of nice little earners he's involved in. He appears to have over 20 different jobs, in addition to his work as an MP. Then there's his globetrotting activities on behalf of the Saddam Hussein fan club.

    Despite all this, George manages to come 43rd out of 600-odd MPs for the amount of expenses he claims. Bravo George - a superb achievement.

    George is, frankly, taking the pi$$. He's about as good a reason for changing the law that I can think of. There should be minimum attendance requirements for MPs. Like the House of Lords, MPs should not get paid for days that they don't turn up for work. There should also be some mechanism to allow constituents to force a by election if their MP proves to be a waste of space.
  10. I have since been informed by one more senior than I that being a serving member precludes me from writing to an MP. Not wanting to fall foul of an angry General I would suggest anyone serving disregards my mention of writing to him.

    Might have to get mummy Choff to write him a vicious letter instead!
  11. Why bother?

    GG will simply say that an occupied people have the right to militarily resist their occupiers and that he's actually sticking up for British troops by not wanting them there in the first place.

    Those are powerful sentiments that have a lot of resonance and are hard to argue against in light of the Iraq debacle. Even more so since the likes of General Dannat and General Sir Michael Rose have said similar things, the insurgents are not bad people, they have the right to fight back etc

    So I wouldnt bother, you dont have a leg to stand on really. GG will make you look like a right chod with that fiery oratory of his.

    Btw you can email him thru his website.
  12. GG might also point out that the US/British civilian killing machine is more efficient than anything Sadam invented. And Iraqis had power before their 'liberation.' And sewage treatment. And water. And the best education system in the Middle East. And Iraqi women didn't have to wear tablecloths on their heads. And could drive a car without some religious nutter spraying them with an AK. And Sadam wasn't too keen on Osama and didn't permit Iraq to be used as an AQ recruiting ground to torment the rest of the world for a generation.
  13. Of course you being a jihadi walt twat support muslim terrorists killing HM Forces. You're a piece of shit FOAD
  14. Time for your pills Bugly, blue or green ones today?