Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Nov 12, 2003.

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    Dubbya is coming to London next week for three days.

    100, 000 protestors are being kept out of sight etc and security will be provided by 700 secret service staff and 5000 met police.

    How many Londoners will the secret service shoot ??

    Should be quite entertaining considering just how trigger happy they all are.
  2. What a joke, we are going to let 700 armed americans run around in london...

    What we should do is let him have 30 armed US Secret Services and let the rest be our guys.
  3. Look on the bright side, b-a, the ones that they slot are probably all going
    to be yoghourt-weaving, soap-dodging, pinko protesters. :wink:
  4. Unconfirmed reports from a friend of mine in London Town......

    groups of americans, 4/6 strong have been seen in and around London in large jeep type vehicles, in civillian clothes wearing.........wait for it.........
    flack jackets and baseball caps with F.B.I on them.

    Obviously conducting recce etc, but what a bunch of tw*ts.

    God bless America....god damn amateurs.
  5. "ONE thing comes over loud and clear from the remarkable interview George W Bush has given to The Sun.

    He is not the ignorant, trigger-happy warmonger that protesters will claim he is.

    Bush is an intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate man for whom war is the last resort.

    His enduring love is peace and the freedom it can bring.

    The President is positive the world is a safer place than it was before America and Britain took action against Saddam Hussein.

    He will tell the families of British troops killed in Iraq that their loved ones made a sacrifice for a noble cause.

    They have made it safer for our grandchildren to grow up in a free and peaceful world, says Bush.

    He answers those who question the need for war on Saddam by saying it would have been much worse to have sat and done nothing in the face of threats from cold-blooded killers like him.

    The Left has its own agenda which will set the vicious tone of this week’s demos across Britain.

    These people hate America because it is big, rich and powerful and not afraid to do what it believes is right.

    They despise the special relationship between our two countries and the trust and friendship that exists between Bush and Tony Blair.

    The Sun supports their right to protest — that, after all, is a vital part of liberty.

    But we could not disagree more profoundly with the way they twist the truth and prey on the doubts of reasonable people.

    We defy anyone who reads President Bush’s words in The Sun today to say that America is anything other than a tremendous force for good.

    We are proud to associate ourselves with his vews.

    And on behalf of our 10 million readers, we extend him a very warm welcome to Britain.

    Very nicely said Ms. Wade. Now, about the small matter of your "Newspaper" leading the charge to smear British Soldiers with all sorts, in the aftermath of OP. Telic?

    I love tabloid patriotism, even when they ask us to be patriotic to a foreign power :evil:
  6. I wonder if Bushes diary includes meeting MPs and the like...

    What a cracking photo it he was seen shaking hands with Martin Mcguiness and Gerry Adams...

    War on terror my arrse! :evil:
  7. That would be an excellent photo op indeed :twisted:

    Isn't "The Sun" owned by the same Ozzie Dwarf who also owns Faux news?

    Oh, nice poll on Sky News" this AM . Less rigging on the Cutty Sark.
  8. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer


    Fnucking spot on. Dawn raid on Boston, debrief in 'Cheers'
  9. I think the Sun is terrible, its just that I read it every day to prove to myself how terrible it is!
  10. can some one tell me what which war these protesters are trying to stop? It may be sh*ite out here but there's no war going on.
  11. How surprised can we be that 700 odd septics are allowed to run the show over here? You have Bliar to thank. It's just another notch on GWB's bedpost. It’s his way of showing that we are his lapdog.

    It’s akin to the celebrity thing. The more large black 'security' blokes you have in your entourage, the more 'important' you are to the plebeians.

    As we all know, the yanks will go totally over the top, given the opportunity. We have given them the opportunity. Bliar is lying on his back, begging that the shaved chimp scratches his ball sack. We had a dog that did that so we shot it for having no moral fibre.

    Now you may state that the terrorist situation dictates the amount of security but I say its just dubbya pulling the 'I'm nearly as important as Jennifer Lopez' sketch bling, bling.

    Good to see Queenie has said 'The Royal Guards will be sufficient so tell your comedy act to fcuk off' on the security issue.

    This is just a bitch slap to bliar from the well-groomed anthropoid, george. The signals this sends out is 'you’re my bitch, get your ball gag on'.

    Is this a State visit, Governmental visit or just a 'surveying my 51st state visit'?
  12. So what is the problem?
    Of course he will bring his own security as well. Doesn't our Royal family take their own bodyguards wherever they go? When Prince Charles visited Melbourne didn't he take his royal protection squad with him? And his visits happen under totally different threat circumstances. Dubbya is probably the most wanted man to be killed in the world right now.

    The object is to work alongside the yanks just as in every other occasion. We know London, they know their president and the threat.
    It has been well documented that the police numbers are not adequate for the situation. Not only we have to deal with the physical threat against Bush and Blair but also the threat to the general population in London, the civil disturbance by radical elements in the protestors as well as the volume of the 'peaceful' procession.
    It is an excellent opportunity for all sorts of nutters. We have to cover every inch of the ground for possible bomb placements, sniper positions, dirty weapons, etc. We have to be on the lookout for suicide bombers, concealed weapons, and many other things that possibly could happen. Of course we need the yanks' help. And if they're carrying guns around London so be it. I wish one day our government will realise that in the UK we don't live in this much-hyped peaceful multi-cultural rosey tinted fluffy bubble anymore. The friendly beat bobby is no more a detterent but a target. Drug dealers, rapists and muggers are not love-deprived youth but absolute scum that should be shot on sight. Muslims are not part of our celebrated democratic, multi-ethnic society but potential enemy. Americans had to have 9/11 to wake up. They do 'ethnic profiling' and have the Patriot Act to encompass all manner of arrests, investigations and surveillance. Here we just have our civil liberties so sacred that we don't dare touch anyone.
    Frankly I am with the yanks on this one.
  13. Incredible :roll:
  14. ....Bliar, Hoon, Brown, etc., etc.
  15. I suggest you read up on how the "Patriot Act" , or more importantly "Patriot II" is being received in the US right now. There is a broad spectrum of Septics, currently worried about this, from "Liberals" to Ozark Mountain men (You can have my gun, if you can prise it out of my cold dead fingers)

    Don't they also have immunity from prosecution, if they waste an innocent bystander?

    Great images, of FBI and Secret Service personnel, stopping and interviewing British people. Reminded me of similar photos, of British Policemen and German Feldpolizei in Jersey doing the same thing. Made me so proud to be British, knowing the whole world has been told, our security services can't be trusted to do the job.

    That is some generalization. Just like "All Irish people are terrorists"

    Were you asleep or not on the planet between 1970 and 2000?

    Did you miss Omagh, Eniskillen, Caterham, Birmingham, Guildford, Docklands, Canary Wharf, Warrington etc etc?

    The British people are , with the exception of Israel, the most terrorist aware CivPop in the world. We don't need patronising, with scary bedtime stories in the press, and CVR(T) parked in the Taxi ranks at the 'Row. We've already lived through it. America seems to think terrorism started on 11/9. It didn't. As MDN says, let's see the reaction, if he shakes McGuiness and Adams hands.

    Yes we do. There is a bloody great white monument, half way up Whitehall, that tells us why those civil liberties are so important. We didn't defeat a totlitarian state, to have it slid in via the back door, by our so called allies, and their Quislings.

    America, and the American people are not our problem. You'd be hard pressed to find a Brit who HATED Americans. But there is a problem. If there wasn't, there wouldn't be 100000+ demonstrators, and resistance from all quarters, right up to Madge. God Bless Her.