George, Dick and Donald - Slime Mould...

Dubya and his vice, Cheney along with DS Donnie Rumsfeld have been called worse, but this could a be permanent thing.. Seems some scientists want to name some new species of slime mould beetles after the three ' Powerstars' of America..

The International Zoological Commission isn't so sure its a good idea [don't wnat this to become the butt of jokes ] but..discussions are underway to designate: Agathidium bushi, Agathidium cheneyi and Agathidium rumsfeldi into the long line of bugs named after politicians.

Nelson Mandele has a parasitic wasp named after him, former Canadian Prime minister Brian Mulroney has [ appropriately ] a dung fly named after him and even Gary Larson, the Farside Cartoonist has a bug - the owl louse with his moniker...

Bet there could be fun in assigning appropriate insects and such to certain people..

I'd be partial to having a bug named after me if it was one that favoured hanging about young blonde large breasted women...
even nerds have to get their jollies somehow

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